Lazy Horse Plays Dead When People Try to Ride Him

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This is a cute story for all you horse lovers out there.

In fact, this is a cute horse story for anyone really.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of horses and never really understood why humans relate so much to the four-legged, long-faced creatures.

That being said, I think everyone related on some level to the cartoon horse Bojack Horseman.

And now? Well, we’ve found another relatable horse.

Maybe I am a horse girl after all.

The lazy horse that pretends to be dead when people try to ride it is probably the most relatable content on the internet today.

Here’s the story…

Jinjang is a horse that has made it very clear that they do not like to be taken for a ride.

The horse makes a swift dive for the ground.

But literally every. Single. Time.

And I mean besides playing dead how else is this horse supposed to let his owners know he doesn’t like it?

Maybe it’s a horse thing?

The video of Jingjang has gone viral, with over two million views.

Maybe Jinjang is shy…

If I was Jinjang the horse, I would most certainly play dead.

I mean, we all have to do things that we don’t want to do. We’ve all woken up some days and wished we could just stay in bed. It’s as though Jinjang is the real-life Bojack Horseman.

Bojack Horseman blew up when it came to Netflix in 2014.

Netflix has announced we will be seeing Bojack and co. for the last time later this month.  

Why not get to know Jingjang. The real-life horse that can’t cope with the responsibilities of everyday life.

You can watch the viral footage of this relatable horse below…

Isn’t that the best thing you’ve seen on the internet today?

Heck, now you’re as famous as Bojack Horseman, maybe you’ll never have to give horseback rides again.   Wanting more horse-related content? We’ve got you! Continue scrolling to read about the woman who ate her pet horse.