We all know what it's like commuting to work, right? It's early and you're tired and that travel mug of yours is so unpredictable...you just don't know when it's going to give in and leak all over your cute handbag! But you don't have to worry about that anymore with Amazon's leak-proof coffee cup selling at just $30.

Have a look...

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People of TikTok have gone absolutely crazy about the BruMate leak-proof coffee cups selling on Amazon for less than $30!


Testing these leakproof mugs from @bru.mate on my white sofa! The link is in my bio! #brumate #amazonfinds #amazon #mug #coffeemug #gadget

The cup is designed for both hot or cold drinks and gives you the option of 3 beautiful different colors too! The Seaglass, Aqua, or Sunset mug would have you walking into work in style. What's not to love?

And it really is leakproof too!


TikToker Rachel Meaders poured herself a hot cup of coffee, secured the lid, and tipped the groovy mug upside down right above her WHITE sofa *gasp*... And there were NO leaks! None at all! That's impressive if you ask me!

You can take your new travel companion anywhere too!


To the office, the gym, camping, working from home, or even just chilling on the sofa watching your favorite series... It really is that versatile.

And with a 4-star review, people are raving about this number 1 product...


‚Äč"This is my second Toddy; I loved my first one so much that I had to get another one because sometimes I like to drink coffee and tea at the same time. I love that it's leakproof, so I can add in my sugar and milk, then just close the lid and shake it (gently! Too vigorous with hot liquids will create pressure and spray when you open it). Also, the glitter white is so gorgeous. The only complaint is that it doesn't fit in the cup holders in my car, but no matter, I can just close and lock the lid and toss it in the passenger seat," one person explained.

"Love how it holds any liquid and won't leak," another person also wrote.


I bet you're wondering where this baby has been all of your life, right? Well so am I, so get purchasing before it sells out, I promise you won't regret it.