Learn How Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Affects Your Life Without You Even Realizing It | 22 Words

With the Chinese New Year occurring just last week, it seems like an especially good time to address the Chinese zodiac signs and their role in your life.

Rather than being based on your birth month, like your astrological sign is, the Chinese signs are based on the year you're born. The handy chart above will help you match your year to your animal, and the images below will educate you on what your animal means for your personality. Don't forget to check for friends and family as well!

The Rat

The Ox

The Tiger

The Rabbit

The Snake

The Horse

The Goat

The Monkey

The Rooster

The Dog

The Pig

How do these compare to your other astrological signs? Are they similar, or do they run counter to one another? If they're different, you might have to make a decision as to which one is reflective of the real you!