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Palm reading has been around for thousands of years, but you don't need to be an expert (or even know ANYTHING about it) to learn who you are from your hands.

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The shape of your hand is the criteria for which of the four types (air, fire, water, Earth) of person you are. So see which hand shape you have, then learn about what it says about your personality!

Hands may look similar, but it's the little differences you have to look for that reveal the person behind them.

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Palmistry, or the act of reading palms, has long adhered to the belief that there are four types of people...

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Those people are reflected by Earth, air, water, and fire.


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Fire hands generally have big palms and stubbier fingers. The shorter their fingers are, the more stubborn that person is. People with fire hands are passionate, as the name would suggest, and also natural leaders. It doesn't take long for them to make up their minds, which is why teams often turn to them for direction.


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Earth hands exhibit squarish palms and short fingers as well. This type of hands indicate that a person is super-responsible and value security and stability over passion and excitement. They're most often calm and peaceful as well.


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People with this type of hand (square or rectangular palm with fingers equal in length to the palm) are often very smart and great communicators. However, they can overthink simple things and sometimes have a hard time interacting with the world around them.


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If you have oblong palms paired with long fingers, you have water hands. This indicates an imaginative person who has a fluid, flexible personality. People with this hand are also romantic and very sensitive, sometimes to a fault.

So which type do you have?

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Do the descriptions above match your personality?

To learn more about the fascinating art of palm reading, check out this video for more information on what your palms say about you!