Leave It to Kim Kardashian to Take Even a Small Party Detail Like This to an Absurd Level | 22 Words

Ice is great, right? It keeps your drinks cold, you can carve it into a giant swan, you can skate on top of it — there's a lot to love about ice. But some people just can't seem to leave well enough alone when it comes to the ol' frozen cubes. People like Kim Kardashian, who apparently felt the need to class up the cubes at her recent baby shower.

Some people on Twitter are arguing that Kim's fancy ice cubes prove you can't buy taste. Once you see the ice cubes in question, you might find yourself thinking the same thing.


If you're Kim Kardashian, you can afford to splurge on whatever items your heart desires.

As if she weren't rich enough already, the woman made $10 million in one day of selling her new perfume. So yeah, she can afford to enjoy the finer things in life.

Kim has taught us all the importance of spending money where it counts.

Can't decide between pizza and Chinese food? Easy. Get both!

So when it came time for Kim to throw another baby shower, you know she went all out.

The shower for Kimye baby No. 3 had a cherry blossom theme. (And in case you're wondering whether the color of the flowers is a clue, yes! They're having a girl!)

So what does a cherry-blossom-themed baby shower entail? Real cherry blossom trees, for one:

Yup, those are actual, real trees in Kim Kardashian's house. Because if you don't have trees inside your house, is it even really a party?

Kim also gave away bottles of her new perfume line as party favors.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but the woman knows how to market herself. OK, live trees, twinkly lights, and fancy perfume are all well and good — but what about the ice at this party? You have to see it...

Kim posted this picture of the ice cubes from her baby shower on Twitter:

There's clearly something happening in this picture, and we can only assume that Kim Kardashian likes it. Her tweet seems very proud, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling to understand exactly what's going on in Kim's ice cube situation.

There's definitely ice. And there's definitely something pink inside the ice. Beyond that, it's difficult to say.

In case you still can't tell, the ice cubes have little roses frozen inside them. For reasons.

But why? Is this how fancy people prefer their ice? Because if so, we're happy to be solidly middle class, thanks.

In fact, this is pretty much the only fancy ice cubes we're interested in:

But how do you achieve something this magical? Someone post the recipe to Pinterest, STAT!

Anyway, isn't Kim's tweet breaking this cardinal rule of life?


(To be fair, she posted the ice to Twitter, not Instagram. And we all know there are no rules when it comes to Twitter.) What do you think? Would you try the fancy flower ice in your own home, or is it taking things a bit too far?