Kristy Wilson, a grandma from the United States decided to share what she thought was a "useful" tip to help people remember infants in the back of their car. However, the revelation didn't sit well with a lot of people...

Do you know when they say you must never leave a dog in a hot car with the windows up?


Well, the same applies to human beings!

Being locked up in a car on a hot day can be deadly...


Especially for young children.

Did you know that within just 1 hour of being parked on a hot day, a car can reach temperatures of up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit?

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And every year in the United States, an average of thirty-seven children die after being left in hot cars, according to researchers of a new study, published online in the journal Temperature.

They're officially termed "pediatric vehicular heatstroke."

And according to the New York Times, these deaths became more common in the 1990s, with the rise of safety recommendations to put kids in rear-facing car seats in the back seat.

Of course, most of these tragic incidents occur as accidents...


But more than often, they could have easily been prevented.

And all it takes is just a few simple, technical things.


​First of all, you could just remember that you have a living child in the back of the car, but if that slips your mind, you can get your hands on a few handy gadgets that have set alarms to remind you. Not only that but a lot of motor vehicles now have a built-in system (the "Rear Seat Reminder" of General Motors).

But some other people have decided to take to TikTok to share some "handy" tips of their own.

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I use the term "handy" very lightly here because... Well, you'll be able to see for yourselves.

One grandma from the States stunned the internet when she shared her controversial, little reminder involving her shoe.


Thousands of horrified comments flooded in...

However, others actually commended her idea...


Kristy Wilson offered people a piece of advice to help them never forget their child in the back of a hot car.


She first shows herself driving with only one shoe on.

"Why am I driving with only one shoe on?" the grandma starts her video. "Because I have my infant grandson in the car with me and I'd rather deal with the hot pavement than leave my grandson in the car so I leave my shoe in the back."

She then parks the car and walks half-barefoot to the back.


When she opens the back door, her left shoe falls to the floor from under a baby seat where her infant grandchild is sat.

However, people had a few problems with the "genius" idea.


Some people claimed that it was a driving hazard as a foot without a shoe wouldn't have nearly as much pressure on the pedals which can be a massive risk for passengers as well as the driver themselves.

​Others also pointed out that one should always remember they have a child with them.


Which is also true, but hey, some people do honestly forget.

Watch the full TikTok video here:


Tips! Do not forget your infant in the hot car the summer.

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