LeBron James Fined $15k by NBA for His Actions at Pacers Game

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LeBron James has landed himself in some hot water following a gesture he made at a recent game…

It comes as he returns from his first ever NBA suspension.

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But it seems things are going from bad to worse for the star …

LeBron James is known for his iconic basketball career.

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The thirty-six-year-old is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all-time through his sensational career with the Lakers.

Not only is he’s an incredible basketball player, he’s also a great role model.

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James is well immersed in the world of education and getting kids on the right track.

LeBron likes to use his influence for good.

The star has been involved with several programs and schemes, including funding the “Wheels for Education” program, which provides kids with school supplies, access to computers, and a bike as part of a system designed to keep kids motivated to complete their studies and reach their full potential grades-wise.

But, his good work doesn’t finish there…

The NBA legend has also opened his own public school – The I Promise School.

The public school, supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation, opened its doors in 2018 after the star teamed up with Akron Public Schools to make the project a reality.

Located in James’ hometown Akron, Ohio, the school houses 240 at-risk third and fourth-grade students.

The school gives children safe environment to learn.

While also offering services designed to help both children and parents who are struggling – including stress management and an on-site food bank.

The school is very clearly a passion project for LeBron as he is invested in helping children.

As per the BBC, LeBron previosuly said that he wanted to “create an environment of family where you want to always be around your family.”

“No matter the good and the bad, you always want to be around that support system,” he said.

“School didn’t mean anything to me,” he added.

“There were just a lot of empty days, empty nights and just kind of a no-future thought process. It was mentally challenging. No kid at eight, nine should have that stress… so I know exactly what a lot of these kids are going through.”

It clear to see why LeBron is an inspirational figure in so many kids’ lives.

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He’s truly gone above and beyond to help so many of them out.

We recently saw LeBron return to basketball following his first ever NBA suspension.

And fans were very happy to see him back on the court.

LeBron returned to the game with a bang as he led the Los Angeles Lakers to a win.

He scored thirty-nine points as the Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers 124-116.

And while LeBron wasn’t caught up in any on-court drama like last time when he receieved his suspension…

He was caught up in some drama off-court as he had 2 fans kicked out of the arena.

LeBron had the fans removed after they used “obscene gestures and language” towards him, Insider reported.

In the last few minutes of the game, LeBron drew the attention of the referee to 2 fans sitting beside the court.

Pointing at a man and woman, LeBron shouted: “This one right f****** here.”

The pair were then removed from the courtside, but not without the woman making one final gesture by pretending to cry.

Speaking after the game, LeBron said: “When obscene gestures and language come into it, can’t be tolerated,” USA Today reports.

“There’s a difference from cheering for your team and not wanting the other team to win and things I would never say to a fan and they shouldn’t say to me.”

But now James in is hot water once more …

After grabbing his crotch at a recent Lakers game, James is set to be fined a whopping $15k for the obscene gesture.

Do you agree with the NBA’s choice?