LeVar Burton Says He’s No Longer Interested in Hosting ‘Jeopardy!’

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In the words of John Lennon: ‘the dream is over’.

Yes, that’s right. Strap yourself in for the rollercoaster of emotion that is this article. LeVar Burton has confirmed that he is no longer interesting in hosting Jeopardy. Instead, the actor is over the entire debacle.

The iconic actor said he’s working on other projects, including a possible game show of his own to host.

Burton made the revelation during a recent interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

The Emmy nominated actor made everybody know just how much he wanted to take over from Alex Trebek, following the legendary host’s death last year.

However it wasn’t meant to be, with the job ultimately going to Jeopardy!’s former executive producer Mike Richard, who didn’t last long before it was revealed he was going to be replaced with Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings until the season’s end.

But Burton claims he changed his mind on wanting the job when he was passed over for Richards.

More specifically, Burton said:

One thing for certain is that whenever he does land his own game show, there’ll be an abundance of people excited for it to finally drop! Including myself.

Let’s just wait and see!