Liam Payne Poses Completely Naked on Instagram and the Comments Are so Thirsty | 22 Words

Breaking news: Another very attractive male celebrity has posed in the nude, again.

Because, let's be real, we wouldn't be living in 2019 if there weren't daily updates on our favorite celebrities' naked bodies, would we?

And the latest public figure to fall into the naked picture trap is British heartthrob, Liam Payne - dreams seemingly do come true, after all. The internet has obviously exploded since he uploaded the raunchy picture to his Instagram, and his fans certainly haven't held back in the comments...

Liam Payne first entered our lives back in 2010.

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Who can forget the One Direction frenzy that descended upon us that year?

He first appeared on the British singing show, The X Factor.

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At the ripe age of fourteen, Liam auditioned on The X Factor in 2008. Though he was unsuccessful, judge and music producer, Simon Cowell saw the potential in him and encouraged him to come back to try again in 2 years.

And, sticking to Simon's advice, Liam returned in 2010.

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And he smashed it. During the "Bootcamp" stage of the show, Payne was teamed up with 4 other boys who were also competing on the show, ultimately forming a 5 piece boy band.

Que the birth of One Direction.

Alongside Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Thomlinson, Liam had unknowingly become part of one of the biggest boy bands of our century.

The world went One Direction mad.

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Even though the band finished third in the show, their first 5 albums were monumental successes and catapulted the boys to international stardom.

They were the ultimate teenage heartthrobs.

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It was like a fever. Teenage girls far and wide went completely mad for One Direction, as they quickly became the most idolized and desired boys in the world.

And they remained just as desirable as they entered adulthood.

Yep, the teenage heartthrobs aren't so teenage anymore. As the years went by, the band grew into handsome young men and remained in the spotlight (and dreams...) of women all over the world.

Though the band are no longer together...

Back in 2015, following the departure of band member, Zayn Malik, the group announced that they would be "taking a break," subsequently breaking the hearts of all die-hard One Direction fans. Speaking on BBC Radio, Liam said that it would be nice to have time to write songs without the pressure of touring and traveling around the world. "Obviously we're all going to take a break for a bit first and then consider where we are in the world," he said.

But the break never ended.

To this day, One Direction fans are yet to hear any news of a reunion. Since their break, the boys have gone their separate ways, with a few of them embarking on solo careers.

And Liam has remained well and truly in the spotlight.

It turns out that there is life after One Direction after all! Though the boys have all been successful in one way or another, Liam, in particular, has excelled with his solo career. His debut song, "Strip That Down," which was co-written with Ed Sheeran, completely banged and made it to number 1 in the UK charts.

He's certainly made a name for himself as a solo artist.

Despite fears that his solo career would flop, Liam has gone from strength to strength, releasing an array of hugely successful tracks. He has also taken part in several collaboration projects, including the song "For You" with Rita Ora, which featured in the film, Fifty Shades Freed.

And his relationship with former X Factor judge, Cheryl, was also highly publicized...

There was a lot of controversy over the relationship between Liam and Cheryl. Whether it was the 10 year age gap, the fact that Cheryl was rumored to once have had a thing with Liam's record label holder, Simon Cowell, or just plain jealousy, Directioners were not happy with their romance.

They even had a child together.

Fans were stunned when, after spending only a year together, the couple announced that they were expecting a baby. Yet, despite the arrival of their son, Bear, and much to the delight of many One Direction fans, the couple announced shortly after that they were going their separate ways.

And he has remained on the market ever since.

Yep, Liam is still single, ladies. Though he briefly dated supermodel, Naomi Campbell, Liam has stayed away from any long-term relationships since Cheryl.

Single life clearly suits Liam...

Because, if you've got it, flaunt it... Right?

Fans have noticed a real change in the singer.

Almost out of nowhere, Liam got buff. In the last few months, Liam has started posting more and more topless shots of himself onto his Instagram. Not that we're complaining...

He is getting more involved in the world of modeling.

The singer has been getting his fingers stuck into a completely different type of pie. Last month, Liam was announced as the first and official global brand ambassador for Hugo Boss.

And a recent photoshoot has sent One Direction fans, and women in general, into a frenzy.

Liam has gone one step further and posed completely naked in a photo shoot. And, to make things even better, it's been posted on Instagram!

Turkish fashion photographer, Mert Alas, posted the raunchy shot.

Mert makes up a part of the label, Mert and Marcus, a team of 2 fashion photographers who work together on a collaborative basis. Mert himself has photographed an array of high-status celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and Bella Hadid.

And Liam is his latest project...

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, in all of its wonderful glory. It's not every day that you see a member of One Direction in the nude, is it? In the image, the singer is seen sitting completely naked on a director's chair that has the photographer's name emblazoned in cursive on the backrest. The picture is part of the Hugo x Liam Payne capsule collection, which was launched during the Berlin Fashion Week earlier this month.

Mert has recreated one of his iconic pieces...

The image is a recreation of a near-identical one of Kate Moss captured by Alas in April. In the original photograph, Moss has her legs crossed and is wearing nothing but a pair of black stilettos while she smokes a cigarette.

And the comments had no chill...

Fans obviously became very hot under the collar after seeing the saucy snap. One user wrote "Who's guilty of saving this?" while another could only muster, "OH MY GOLY GOLY GOSH".

Liam has certainly made an impression.

I have to admit, the first comment: "I wish I was a chair" is very relatable...

And fans were left wanting more.

Because naked Liam Payne is a big mood, apparently. Though I'm not sure how likely a frontal shot will be... We can only hope, right?

It seems that more of these raunchy pictures are on the horizon, though...

Fans were very excited to see that Mert had included the hashtag, #comingsoon, in the caption for the post. Be right back, just going to sit and wait on Mert's Instagram for the rest of the shoot...