19 Lies Movies Told Us About the High School Experience | 22 Words

High school movies are a cultural touchstone for so many of us.

Whether you grew up with GreaseThe Breakfast Club, or Mean Girls, you've seen more than your fair share of movies that take place within the hallowed halls of some school or another.

And yet, there are so many things these movies get wrong.

A lot of them can be attributed to "movie magic" — after all, they're trying to make a good movie, not necessarily one that is 100 percent reflective of the real high school experience. Still, there really are some glaring errors when it comes to high school movies. Here are some of them:

First of all, high schoolers are not adults.

And yet, they're always played by adults in the movies. Have you seen a high schooler lately? They look like they were just in middle school a few years ago. Because they were.

Also, movie high schoolers never have acne.

They always have beautifully smooth skin and are very attractive. Heck, they're even good-looking before the big take-off-your-glasses-and-now-you're-beautiful reveal that happens in so many movies.

The class sizes aren't even close.

In the movies, a shot of a classroom might show 15 students. In real life, those classrooms are packed with 30+ students.

And at least in my school, people never broke out in song.

Your mileage may vary, though. Maybe the kids are all singing these days. And speaking of musical performances...

There's also not a ton of choreographed dance numbers going in high school today.

My school never did anything even remotely similar to a talent show. We pretty much just, you know, went to class.

In most (real life) schools, cliques aren't really that big of a deal.

In real life, some popular kids are nerdy, some jocks aren't popular, and some nerds are jocks. Mindblowing, right?

And don't even get me started on those house parties you always see in movies.

"Hey, my parents are out of town this weekend and I'm having a few people over." –Something that has literally only happened in the movies.

And where is all the homework?!

In movies, you see kids go to class. They're carrying backpacks. But they're not doing homework. Where is all the homework?

Movie scenario: The bell rings, and everybody walks out of the classroom.

In real life, the bell rings, people start to stand up, and your teacher says "The bell doesn't dismiss you. I dismiss you." Which can really screw you over because...

You only have a few minutes to get to your next class.

There's no time for hanging out between classes like you see in the films. You have to book it to the other side of the building. And good luck if you have to use the restroom.

If you're a new student, don't expect everyone to fawn over you like they do in the movies.

For the most part, people don't really care all that much when a new student comes to town. Unless they're an exchange student with a cool accent. Then everyone's obsessed with them.

The movies always show everyone eating lunch in the cafeteria.

But this isn't the case in all high schools. At least in my school, most people ate outside, in various areas around the building, or off-campus.

School elections?

Again, nobody really cares about them. In fact, I completely forgot they even existed until today.

Movie characters always have time for breakfast before school.

Do you know what time my school day started when I was in high school? 6:36 am. No way was I waking up even earlier and enjoying breakfast with my family. And as for after school...

I wasn't going to the mall.

Because I didn't have any money. Because I was in high school. In the movies, high schoolers seem to have limitless amounts of cash. Why? How? Where are they getting it?

Who's got school spirit?

In the movies: Literally everyone. In real life: Uhhh...no one? Maybe a few people?

Forget the stereotypes you see in the movies.

The "popular" kids might actually be nice. And the non-popular kids could be total jerks. It's almost as if high schoolers are real people who have a variety of attitudes and personalities. Weird, right?

In real schools, the lockers are way smaller.

So at least there's no danger of being stuffed into them because I'm pretty sure a human would not fit in most of the lockers you'll find in high schools these days.

And nobody dresses like this:

You won't see many people wearing heels. What you will see is a lot of people wearing sweatpants. Share this list with your besties from high school!