A California scientist has made the very bold claim that life after death is impossible.

Read on to hear exactly what he had to say...

Now, it's the phenomenon that's been pondered for centuries...


Is there life after death?

Many strongly believe that when a person dies...


That is simply it - life is over.

Of course, looking at it from a biological perspective...


From the moment we die, any form of consciousness and life simply stops and leaves our bodies.

Seems simple enough, right?

Well, there's a vast majority of people out there who believe that there's so much more out there beyond death.

For instance...


A few years ago, a woman named Emi temporarily died during complications in surgery. While her heart only stopped beating for a matter of moments, she insisted that she felt like she had spent "a lifetime" in what she believed was the afterlife.

According to local media, she believed the afterlife consisted of flying through the universe and gaining an understanding of how everything in the cosmos is connected.

And there are many who believe in the spiritual world...

With people feeling a connection with "dead souls" and who feel they can communicate with those who have passed away.

But sadly, none of these theories have scientific proof...

Which is what results in people often shrugging them off and not taking them seriously.

Well, one scientist has recently done just this.


A California-based scientist has claimed that life after death is literally impossible, and it's certainly got people talking!

Sean Carroll, a cosmologist and physics professor at the California Institute of Technology, recently spoke to Express about his theories...


And he seems pretty set on the fact that there isn't an afterlife out there... much to the disappointment of millions who believe otherwise.

Dr. Carroll explained that for there to be an afterlife, consciousness would need to be "entirely separated from our physical body"...

But instead of an ever-lasting soul, consciousness appears to be essentially composed of a series of atoms and electrons.

The scientist added:

"Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms face one huge, insuperable obstacle.

"The laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood," he explained, "and there's no way within those laws to allow for the information stored in our brains to persist after we die."

And this is when things get really confusing.

Dr. Carroll points to The Quantum Field Theory (QFT).

Simply put, QFT dictates that there is one field in the universe for each type of particle - one for all the photons, another for electrons, and every other type of particle.

Don't worry, I'm confused too!


So to round it all up, Dr. Carroll is suggesting that there isn't any possibility of there being life after death... but at the end of the day, this is something that we won't ever find out until the day we die. Ouch.

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