Life Hacks That Aren’t Just Internet BS

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The Internet is absolutely chock-full of tips and tricks for making your life better. Unfortunately, a lot of those tips are not exactly realistic for use in real life.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the “lifehack” of using a CD spindle to transport a bagel. Who has a bunch of CD spindles in their home? Who needs to transport a bagel?! I’d say that for every good “hack” you can find on the Internet, there are at least five that make pretty much zero sense.

A recent AskReddit thread put an interesting spin on the lifehack problem. Rather than asking for the usual tips and tricks, the AskReddit thread asked people to share a small change they made that ended up truly increasing their quality of life. (I know mine! It was switching to a king-size comforter on a queen-size bed.)

Here are some of our favorite answers from the thread. We hope you find something that will help improve your life, too!

Quit a job I absolutely hated. Where I was before, workplace culture was come in early, work through breaks and lunch, work late. benefits were “meh” and vacation time was capped at 3 weeks, no pension. Pay was OK, though. Now, it’s a 7-hr workday, pension, decent benefits, 5 weeks vacation and 0 stress job. It’s been 10 years, I still don’t make as much, but the work/life balance blows that out of the water, not to mention I won’t be working until I am 60.klevinsims204

Stopped assuming that people’s thoughts about me were at all similar to that extremely critical voice in my head. It’s still somewhat of a struggle to stay positive… but, overall, being yourself and staying present when with others really reduces anxiety. “Peaceful” would be a good word to describe it.creamdreammeme

Regulating my alcohol intake. Paying attention in general to how my body reacts to what I introduce it to.SocietyEff  

Applying for a job I didn’t think I was qualified for. It doubled my salary and let me move to a place I’d only ever dreamed of living in.toujourspret

Doing my research on nutrition and making myself a decent breakfast. TheCripplingDevice

If someone asks me to do something and it will take me 5 minutes or less to do it, I’ll do it immediately. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I never realized how much stuff I put off until later and then promptly forgot about. Also, once you’ve done one 5-minute task, it’s easier to just go and do the next. I became much more productive and saved myself a lot of time and effort at the same time.m4t3u5LP

Buying all the same socks. No more folding, no more matching, no more looking for missing sock bros. Just throw them all in a drawer, reach in, grab two and get your day started right.KZimmy

Not being afraid to admit when I’m wrong. For years, I was obsessed with being correct about everything. This semester, one of my professors said that it’s OK if we are not experts in the material yet. From then on, I’ve actually been better at admitting when I do not know an answer or saying the wrong answer in class without cringing/hating myself.jennifernb24

I got a lot of house plants to put all over my house. Makes my home environment look beautiful and feel homey, fresh, and just all around better.ejrodrig  

Eating veggies. My mum rarely fed us veggies and we had constant digestive issues. As soon as I moved out on my own I started eating veggies and have rarely had an upset stomach since. It was literally daily agony eating nothing but meat and carbs.davidducker

Admitting that I needed a therapist. As a teenager with strict parents, if I was caught saying anything against them I was automatically grounded, so I couldn’t let out my emotions and I felt like a double agent in my own house. With a therapist, I could work through my problems without the risk of being in trouble.ponsies

Get a good cutting/kitchen knife. It’s amazing.PM_ME_PLEASE

Embracing my sense of style. I’ve always loved fashion and spent wayyy too much of my youth dressing trendy. Now I embrace my walking thrift store look, it makes me happy and is oh so comfy.BadHippieGirl

6 years ago, I decided to never be late to anything ever again. My whole life up until that point I was always late to everything, school, birthdays etc. Anyway, making sure I’m on time saves me a lot of trouble and a lot of stress and anxiety. Also, everyone I know (who has noticed it) really appreciates it. Being on time for plans shows that you care about people and that they are important to you.Bcause789

Learning to always keep my keys in the same place.sumpuran

I don’t eat anything after 9 pm. You won’t believe how much it improved my sleep.MMMLG

As a kid, I read books all the time. Then I quit for some reason. Got married, had kids, started a business. Never any time for reading. Last year, at 45, I started reading books again. What a fool I was to ever stop.chel8

Lasik. I used to be so nearsighted that I couldn’t see anything more than about 6 inches in front of my face. Great for reading… Terrible for life. And if you lose your glasses… You need your glasses… to find your glasses. Then I got Lasik. Wow has my life changed. Lasik is the best decision I have EVER made… and I have kids that I LOVE.howlowcanIg0

I know it sounds so mainstream but I tried Marie Kondo’s organizing and decluttering method and honestly, it was life-changing. Living in a small space, I always thought that I was running out of space. But when I tried Marie Kondo-ing my stuff, I was astounded to find out how much I owned. When I cleared out my clothes, I had FIVE trash bags full of them. Just clothes alone. After I tidied up my stuff, it was pretty liberating to know exactly what I owned and where stuff is. It’s sometimes hard to fold clothes the way she does every time but it does force me to be more mindful and just really do it so my cabinet won’t get messy. Plus I can let go of books easily now and let other people experience them, as opposed to hoarding them. Overall, I love it.mangocheesecakegurl

Honestly, shaving my head. As someone who started losing hair at age 20, had the old monk bald spot by 23, and horseshoe by 25, it took me until 29 to say screw it, I’m shaving. I have a lot more confidence and have gotten compliments because of it.UndercoverMongoose

I stopped trying to get to the highest position at work and I now enjoy my job more than I ever thought I could. I had always assumed once I did really well, it was time to move up. I’m now more of an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, ” type of person. And it’s awesome being really great at my job.OhSchmidtILoveGoldy

Quit being a picky eater. Ironically, it all started because my first job was Arby’s. I was like, “What the heck is horseradish sauce?” So I tried it, and within days, I was putting it on everything. Fast forward 14 years, and my favorite things I’ve tried that as a child, I wouldn’t have, include garlic, risotto, tiramisu, capers, Brussel sprouts, cashews, pork belly, walleye, and more. There’s a whole world of food I hadn’t been introduced to and therefore had no inclination to try.boyvsfood2

Prescription sunglasses. Total game changer.LoboSilverado

I stopped buying into negativity. Now I won’t contribute, won’t talk, and will otherwise walk away when coworkers start talking crap about other coworkers. go-too to response now is “Have you actually said this and talked about this to x?” Every single time it’s “no.” Now I find myself saying things like “I understand your frustration but do we need to assume they are being malicious?” Guess what? People don’t talk crap to me anymore. Because from what I’ve noticed, those people only want echo chambers. So no, I won’t talk badly about a person because you dislike them. It’s made me less popular. But it’s right.Zemykitty

Buying a decent bed. You can get away with a crappy bed in your teens and 20s, but start noticing a difference in your 30s. My back has never felt better.PugBoatToot

Got out of debt. Spent a decade paying down a huge debt I’d accumulated through poor financial decisions and unfortunate events. Being in the black is honestly life-changing.Steinberg1

Hiring someone to clean our house. I’m lazy, and not a great house cleaner. We’re finally at a point where we can afford to have someone come in and it has changed my life. I love it.suzanneov

Using a bidet. Best $30 purchase ever!bloooo612

Getting my dog!!! I had a dog as a kid and pined over getting a dog for years and finally, I just thought, screw it, and got myself the first rescue I met. I love her. She is my everything and makes every day a joy.acciofriday

Moved our money to a Credit Union. I should’ve done it years ago.peaseyfosheezy