Being able to accomplish a task is a very satisfactory thing. You know what's even better, though? Being able to accomplish that task efficiently. There's something so rewarding about approaching a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it. That's why the Internet is kind of obsessed with life hacks.

Life hacks exist to solve pretty much every problem under the sun. There are hacks to help you cool down in the summer months. Hacks to help you stay warm in the winter. Hacks for your car. Hacks for school. Seriously, with the help of the Internet, you can "hack" just about anything these days.

But the hacks we're discussing today may happen to be some of the most useful ones yet. They'll help you solve those pesky everyday problems that drive you absolutely nuts. They might seem small and inconsequential...until you learn how to fix them and you'll wonder how you ever lived without the solution.

So, are you ready to solve some problems?

Then let's get life hackin'.

Problem #1: Dirty Shoes

Nail polish remover doesn't just remove nail polish. It also removes grime from your shoes!

Problem #2: Overripe bananas

Placing plastic wrap around the bananas as pictured here will keep them from turning brown before you can use them. You can also separate them and wrap each one individually. Also, be sure not to store them near onions!

Problem #3: Your shower creams keep falling off the shelf

Put a little tension rod somewhere in your shower and hang your various creams like this! It also frees up shelf space for things like your razor and soap bar.

Problem #4: Underripe or overripe avocados

This hack has saved many a bowl of guacamole and slice of avocado toast. Don't even think about putting an avocado in your basket unless you've done this first.

Problem #5: Two pizzas, one oven.

You knew that math class was going to come in handy eventually, right? Voila!

Problem #6: Rugs that slip all over your floor

Not only is an uncooperative rug super annoying; it can also be dangerous! This Velcro trick is great, or you can use pieces of that rubbery shelf liner.

Problem #7: Trash bags that fall into the trash can

Get a couple of 3M hooks and you're all set! Never lose a bag to the abyss again.

Problem #8: Cables falling off your nightstand

I had no idea that Lego minifig hands were the perfect size to hold cables like this. Now, I never want to go back to not knowing.

Problem #9: Stuffy nose

We all know that Vicks VapoRub works wonders, but here's a great way for you to enjoy the magical properties in the shower, too. I imagine this would be so soothing.

Problem #10: Ants

I used this hack in my own house earlier this year and can report that it works like a charm!

Problem #11: Spilled nail polish

There's no point crying over spilled nail polish! Just take a page from Mary Poppins' book and add a spoonful of sugar!

Problem #12: Stinky car

Forget those overpriced air fresheners. I love the idea of using wax melts like this because you can choose from so many different scents.

Problem #13: Cold coffee

If your coffee gets cold and you don't feel like getting up to walk over to the microwave every 15 minutes, take advantage of the heat your computer is pumping out!

Problem #14: Can't find the end of the tape

You can also use a bread clip or anything else made from a durable material like plastic or metal. It's such a simple thing, but future you will be thankful you remembered to do it.

Problem #15: Hanging a picture so it's actually straight

You can also use lipstick or, in some cases, a bit of pencil graphite rubbed on the back of the frame. A bonus to using a pencil is that you can erase it easily!

Problem #16: A splattery mixer

Grab a paper plate and forget about splatters! The best part is that you get to lick the plate when you're done.

Problem #17: Trying to put keys on your keyring

Seriously, it's like they make those things impossible to open on purpose. Save your fingernails and use a staple remover instead.

Problem #18: You forgot your spoon

Or did you?! As long as you've got a little bit of foil, you can make a spoon...and also feel like a genius.

Problem #19: Water marks

Next time your friend forgets to use a coaster, don't freak out. Just grab the toothpaste from the medicine cabinet. Man, toothpaste is way more useful than I ever realized.

Problem #20: Pizzas slipping all over you passenger seat.

A simple bottle of water (or soda) on the seat provides a flat surface to keep the 'zas from slipping and sliding around. I love the heated seat idea, too!

Problem #21: Chewy crust on reheated pizza

This is another tip that I use every single time I reheat leftover pizza. Hasn't let me down yet!

Problem #22: Filthy keyboard

This isn't what Post-It notes were first meant to be used for, but it may as well be added to the official list of uses, 'cause this is 100 percent brilliant.

Problem #23: No chip clips

No chip clips, you say? Nonsense! Just head to the closet! (Alternatively, just do what I do and eat all the chips in one sitting.)

Problem #24: Trash bag suction

We've all had to battle the garbage can for our bag of trash. A couple small holes drilled near the bottom of the can and that problem is a thing of the past.

Problem #25: An impossible-to-untie knot

Forget about trying to use your fingernails to pull the knot apart. Push it instead!

Problem #26: Lost charger cables

While you're at it, just paint everything you own with glow-in-the-dark paint. Think of how awesome that would be!

Problem #27: Cake decorating fails

OK, so you might not be decorating a cake every day, but this tip made so much sense that I just couldn't leave it out. So simple. So brilliant. Plus, cake!

Problem #28: Pilling sweaters

Use a disposable razor to carefully shave the pills of your favorite sweater. With just a few scrapes, your sweater will be as good as new!

Problem #29: Too-small shoes

Will you look a little silly using this hack? Yes. Is it worth it anyway? You betcha! Share this with someone who loves solving problems!