"Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future."

As the world around us becomes more modernized, you might start to realize that a lot of the skills you needed to use as a child are almost completely obsolete. Either technology has gotten to the point where you no longer need to make do with what you grew up with, or you've simply become old enough that these childish things are of no interest to you.

You might think that since you were only a kid, growing up in the '80s or '90s, that you weren't particularly good at anything. After all, most people gain more skills the older they get.

However, if you really think about it, I bet you'll be surprised at how many skills you did have as a child and just how totally useless they are in today's world.

It's enough to make you feel pretty old.

But rather than allowing the weight of our mortality to weigh us down, why don't we take a pleasant stroll down memory lane instead? Here are 29 skills children born before 1996 had — how many do you remember?

1. Fixing a Cassette with a Pencil

As soon as you saw that mangled cassette tape, your heart sunk into the pit of your stomach. Luckily, with a pencil (and a lot of patience), you could hopefully salvage the tape.

2. Memorizing Phone Numbers

I can still remember my best friend's number, even though I haven't dialed it in approximately 15 years. And, of course, it was really her parents' number. Everyone remembers having to ask politely if your friend could come to the phone, right?

3. Dialing a Rotary Phone

Oh, heavens help you if there was more than one zero in the number you were trying to dial. It took forever.

4. Making Collect Calls

And saying your name was "I'm-at-the-mall-please-come-pick-me-up" so your parents wouldn't have to accept the charges.

5. Writing in Cursive

There are a lot of elementary schools that are skipping this particular lesson. And to think you concentrated so hard on those uppercase Fs!

6. Filling out a Bank Slip

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Most banks still have deposit and withdrawal slips in the lobby, but when was the last time you filled one out? When was the last time you went inside a bank, for that matter?

7. Rewinding a VHS Tape

This was 100 times easier if you had a cool automatic rewinder. The ones shaped like a car! I did not have one of those.

8. Printing out Mapquest Directions

And watching the road closely to be sure you didn't miss a turn. If you did, you'd be screwed. You'd need to reset the trip counter after every turn to be extra safe.

9. Reading a Map

Reading a road map is another skill that later generations probably aren't quite as good at (not that that's necessarily a bad thing!). Being able to read it was one thing, but being able to fold it? That was a whole different skill set.

10. Using a Pager

And using the "secret code" you and your friends came up with. You know, because you couldn't text each other.

11. Crafting the Perfect Away Message

And furiously Googling song lyrics that seemed deep enough to express how you were truly feeling.

12. Using Phone Cards

It took forever to dial all the numbers you needed to place your call. And you were screwed if you needed to call an international number.

13. Using the Phone Book

If you can believe it, I got a phone book delivered to my house a few weeks ago. I immediately put it in the recycling bin.

14. Using *69

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Did someone try to prank call you? Quick, call *69 on those tricksters!

15. Crafting the Perfect Mix CD

If you were making it for someone else, there was a lot riding on your music selection.

16. Carrying Your CD Player in Your Pocket

In such a way that it wouldn't skip. Or wouldn't skip as much, anyway.

17. Playing Pinball on Your Computer

If you close your eyes, you can almost hear the sounds this game used to make. (Or, in my case, the sounds it made when you lost a ball.)

18. Keeping Your Tamagotchi Alive

Sure, you knew it was a digital create made of pixels, but you invested in that thing's life. You pushed those buttons all day!

19. Doing This:

Wasp wars led to a ban on rubber bands at my school. They got pretty vicious.

20. Looking Everything up on the Computer Encyclopedia

And hoping that there was a helpful entry for whatever project you were working on.

21. Or Using an Actual, Physical Encyclopedia

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Remember when this was your main source of information for a research paper?! How far we've come.

22. Using an Almanac

I distinctly remember there being a few days in middle school that we dedicated to looking up information in an almanac. Something tells me that doesn't happen anymore.

23. Cleaning the VHS Video Head

You had to use one of those special tapes and drop the cleaning fluid inside. It was a whole ordeal.

24. Looking up a Book in the Card Catalog

Or asking the librarian to help you find a book in the card catalog.

25. Making Something Semi-Edible with an Easy-Bake Oven

You knew it was just cake mix, but somehow it tasted so much better than that.

26. Ripping CDs to Your Computer

Which took hours, and hours, and hours.

27. Inviting People to Use Gmail

I'll never forget how excited I was to get my first email address (it was a Juno address). I'll also never forget the disappointment of realizing that no one else I knew had an email address.

28. Finding Info in Your Parents' Address Book

Because your house phone didn't have contact information for people stored in it. You had to look it up to call anyone!

29. Making These Masterpieces:

I'm convinced there isn't a single '80s or '90s kid alive who didn't do this in MS Paint. Share this with someone who will remember!