Lindsay Lohan Claims Her Dog Gucci Lived to See Rare Age of 27

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Sadly the time must come for all our furry companions, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The love we have for our little friends makes us want them to live forever.

It’s not surprising that people will go to great lengths to try and prove to the world how fantastic they really were.

Even if that means making up their age, on purpose or by accident, because that childhood pet really does feel like you’ve had them forever.

That might just be the case for this A-list celebrity. Keep scrolling to read more…

Dogs might just be the single best things on this planet…

And it’s not hard to see why.

And having a dog in the household is the thing that can truly complete a family.

Dogs can prove to be not only faithful companions, but they can also be extremely hard workers.

Dogs can apply for a whole range of jobs…

But of course, a dog must start training from a puppy if they are to spend their lives working.

There are, of course, police dogs who work alongside police officers to help keep communities in order.

Who work tirelessly with their incredible senses to detect drugs and other illegal substances.

A puppy can be trained to work as a service dog, which is a dog who works to serve and assist the disadvantaged or disabled – such as blind people, deaf people, or those who suffer from seizures.

Dogs are known for their calm and soothing natures, and it has been scientifically proven that stroking a dog can lower anxiety and stress.

And they have proven to be calming for people who work in stressful situations.

That being said, Bluey, the Australian cattle dog holds the world record for being the oldest dog ever recorded, at twenty-nine years and 5 months old.

She shocked dog owners everywhere with the news that her former dog, Gucci, lived for twenty-seven years!

She said that the mini Maltese lived to be over twice the average age of normal dogs, which seems pretty unlikely.

This all started when she responded to a fan’s question about her pups, Lindsay said: “I do not have a dog. My dog actually passed away a few months ago. She was my baby. I had two. I had Chloe and Gucci.”

“I named my dogs after… I had my first dog when I got my first pair of Gucci boots and she ate them and I named her Gucci. And she lived until 27 years old. She was a strong, little, mini Maltese and yeah, that happened. God bless her. God rest her soul. She’s watching me, my puppy angel.”

And Lindsay’s mom clearly disagrees with the star. Dina actually tweeted the sad news when Gucci died.

She wrote: “Sad Day Gucci our family Dog passed away! She was 15 and brought so much love to us ……she will forever be missed xo.”

A source told E! News at the time, the family pup lived to see 19-years-of-age and died just before Lindsay’s 27th birthday.

While we know it’s not completely impossible, according to the Guinness World Records, only 7 dogs have lived up until the age of 27. I mean, does it really cause anyone harm in letting her think she lived that long? Keep scrolling to see some super cute footage of puppies training to be guide dogs, you won’t regret it…