‘Lion King’ Monopoly Is Now a Thing and It Comes with a Mini Pride Rock

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Monopoly is one of those board games that everyone knows of.

Some may only recognize it as the game that their parents made them play at Christmas with the family, some may see it as the perfect game for a night in with friends, and some may think it’s the best board game ever created. Die-hard monopoly fans must be a thing!

But over the years, it appears that some have grown tired of the iconic gamescape, leading Hasbro to release various versions of the iconic game. If you’re bored of purchasing a hotel on Whitechapel Road, don’t worry, you can now purchase a castle in Westeros, a house in Springfield, or even a cave on Pride Rock!

Yes… Lion King Monopoly is now a thing! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to hear more!

Monopoly is a game that everyone loves…

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Or at least, we’ve all played it at some point in our lives.

The game is known for its now iconic board.

Which, depending on your country of origin, will often be made up of iconic places and landmarks.

There’s also the pieces.

When it comes to Monopoly, everyone always has their favorite piece to play with.

Often, the dog is the most popular.

Because who doesn’t love a pup?  

But there were other iconic pieces as well…

Such as the top hat and the thimble and, of course, the car!

But over the years the game has begun to change.

And the little changes have certainly made a difference.

In 2017, Monopoly had an overhaul.

And this new design abandoned some of the game’s more recognizable characteristics.

It even had new pieces!

Gone now is the thimble and the iron…

Now you can play as…

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A rubber duck or a penguin!

Or how about this?

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You can also play as a T-Rex! Because… London?

But these aren’t the only changes that have been made.

In fact, Monopoly now comes in several editions!

Tired of Monopoly classic? Why not try…

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Monopoly: Ultimate Banking! We would love to know how they made banking “ultimate.”

For those who want to try something a bit more interesting there’s…

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Monopoly: Cheaters Edition, which basically allows you to cheat. Sounds like an interesting game…

And there’s so much more.

While Monopoly does seem to enjoy re-vamping its original design, it’s also branched out and worked with various brands and fandoms.

For example…

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You can now buy Deadpool Monopoly! We’re not sure how different this edition is from the original, but we can assume it has more a little more gore – and a lot of swearing.

There’s also something for cartoon fans.

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Among the various animation inspired editions, you can find such gems as Scooby Doo Monopoly, which comes with a mini Mystery Machine.

But that’s not all.

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You can now also purchase a Bob’s Burgers version of the game!

And don’t worry, Anime fans can join in on the fun, too.

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Monopoly has also released a Pokémon-inspired version of the board game. Collecting Pokémon sounds so much better than collecting fake money.

But Monopoly is not just for kids.

Although we have mainly discussed family-friendly versions of the game so far, there are also editions targeted to a more adult demographic.

Shout out to the zombie fans in the room!

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If you think that Monopoly isn’t exciting enough, how about playing The Walking Dead version of the game complete with a whole horde of flesh-eating zombies?

Feel like taking a trip to Westeros?

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Yes, Game of Thrones Monopoly exists, and it’s awesome! In this version of the game, you get to play as your favourite noble houses – all complete with their signature sigils.

There’s even a version for the comedy lovers out there.

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Recently, Monopoly also released a Friends version of the game! You get to play as your favourite character – dibs on Phoebe!

And, of course, there’s Star Wars.

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What line-up of board games would be complete without a Star Wars version?

The Mouse House has also teamed up with Hasbro on several occasions.

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Seeing as Disney now owns almost every franchise in Hollywood, it would make sense that they would have their own version of the game.

But it seems that they are using the game to celebrate a personal landmark.

It has recently been announced that Hasbro will release a Lion King version of their famous game to coincide with the film’s 25th anniversary.

And it looks awesome!

The layout of the game takes its players on a trip to the African Pridelands, where you can purchase iconic settings such as The Tree of Life or The Elephant Graveyard. The game also plays the film’s iconic soundtrack!

And you can play as your favourite characters.

This version of the game will also include six golden play pieces, each one styled after a Lion King character. The line-up includes: Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar, Timon and Pumba.

The game even comes with a mini Pride Rock.

Which makes a handsome stand for your Monopoly cards.

And it’s hitting the shelves soon.

The game is set to hit the shops on the 22nd April, the date that the movie was released twenty-five years ago. A live-action remake of the film is also set to be released later this year.

So, will you buy it?

We’re sure that the game will be the pride and joy of any Disney fan. We certainly want one for ourselves!