Let us consider what we know about liquid and what we know about cats. We know that liquid is one of the forms of matter. It is defined as a substance that flows freely but is of constant volume. It takes the shape of its container. Water and oil are liquids, as you know.

And now, cats. What do we know about cats? Well, we know that they are a common pet. We know that they are self-sufficient. We know that cats are a common pet for many people.

Many people have cats despite knowing full well that they are clearly evil demon entities from another planet. We know this. What we might not know is that cats, while also being alien devils, are liquid. That is right. Just like water or oil, cats flow freely. Cats take the shape of their containers. They may look ridiculous while doing so, but that is what makes these creatures so funny. And that is why we are here today.

Liquids take the shape of their containers.

Just like cats. Peep these adorable liquid cats to brighten your day and make you feel great!


Ah yes, a lovely Cat-bernet Sauvignon. I love how the taste is dry and fruity with a tinge of hair.

Sink cat

I once lived with a cat who always slept in my sink. It was a surprise every single time, which might say something about me. I don't know.


What is this box? Is this a box made for cats? Because it looks like it's specifically made for cats to lie inside of.


That's what happens when you put liquid in a bowl with holes in it! You get spillage. Lesson learned.


For an animal that supposedly isn't a fan of water, cats sure do love cuddling in sinks. Honestly, I probably would too if I were a cat.

Tall glass

from aww
Look at this tall glass of water in here looking so handsome! This cat's staring at you like, "Drink me!"


The body of this cat says, "Look at me! I am an acrobat!" but the face of this cat says, "I think I might have made a mistake."


Honestly, how and why can cats do this? They are clearly liquid aliens. That's the only explanation.


This is what I like to call a cat pancake or a pancat. They are delicious.

Sitty kitty

This little kitten wants to check out all the angles of this baby chair, which is fine except for the fact that the baby is busy flailing on the floor with nowhere to sit.


I've never had a cat (I'm allergic), but I imagine that this is how they come when you go to the cat store.

Expansive cat

Now, I guess this is a white cat on a white blanket and not an enormous cat blanket, but I prefer to believe in the latter.

Skater cat

This cat saw the Roomba and was like, "I want to be that." And now, here we are.

Windowsill cat

Cats love to sit on windowsills, but until today I didn't realize they could fit inside of them. Amazing creatures these cats are.

Cat in a box

That cat looks so comfortable. It's making me want to curl back up in bed and go to sleep. And it's the middle of the day.

Cat soup

Cat soup is the purrfect dish to warm yourself with on a cold, winter night. I mean, look at it.

Gutter cat

from HaveWeMet
I knew I had clogged gutters, but I didn't know they were filled to the brim with a liquid cat! Lure it out with tuna fish!

Cat loaf

I see one of the cat's ears in the lower right-hand corner, but I have no idea what position this cat is in.


from hmmm
Let this be a lesson to all cat owners: Always check your pots and pans for a liquid cat before you start cooking dinner.

Dripping cat

Drip, drip goes the cat, headfirst down the scratch pole! They are so flexible that it's scary.

Fur belly

from aww
Um, we have several things to talk about in this photo. First, how does a cat belly do that? Second, is it just me or do the markings on that cat belly resemble something quite inappropriate?

Bend and snap

Could you imagine, as a human, trying to get into this position? Only now do you realize how ridiculous it is for a cat, right?

Wall plant

I do not understand how this is a comfortable position for animals, but my dog (who thinks he's a cat) does this too. It looks awful.


This cat seriously looks like he's spilling out of his bed. I hope he's not dreaming about falling otherwise, he's going to get a rude awakening.


This cat might be broken. That's the only explanation. No living creature who walks on four legs should be able to do this.

Cat bread

I love a homemade loaf of cat bread. My favorite part is when the back of it spills over the top of the pan.

Down for the count

Hey, where did you get this picture of me stuffing my face while lying spread-eagle on the floor? This is really mean. You should take it down immediately!

Furball extraordinaire

And for her next trick, she will claw your eyes out while still looking super cute and you will be so confused and hurt!

Cup o' cat

This is it I'm done. These are all too perfect. Share this with a fellow kitty fan!