People Are Quite Divided After Seeing How Little Caesars Makes Its Sauce

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The internet has been left divided after it has been revealed how Little Caesars actually makes their sauce.

The video, which has since gone viral with more than 5 million views, shows viewers the ingredients and techniques used to make Little Caesar’s iconic pizza sauce.

TikTok user @Tye_pearson shared the video alongside the caption: “Making sauce at Little Caesars! #littlecaesarspizza #pizzasauce ”

The employee films themselves producing a batch of sauce in a plastic container using a mixture of tomato puree, herbs, and water while on the floor in the kitchen. To begin with, it looks very questionable but as the employee begins to stir it around, it starts to look more like the sauce we all know.

By the end of the short video, the ingredients have all mixed together and they look like pizza sauce once again but, for some people, it’s not good enough.

Many people in the comments of the TikTok have been left repulsed by what they witnessed with some even pointing out that preparing food on the floor of the restaurant should be a health and safety issue.

“Never eating there again,” one person commented.

Another added: “I’m glad to say I’ve never eaten there & I NEVER will,” with others writing: “Okay there is at least 3 health food violations there.”

One user simply tagged the health department.

However, despite the many complaints, it seems some people were not bothered by the video.

“I was more concerned with how “dirty” the water was till i realized it was just seasonings, who tf cares if its on the floor bro i cook on the floor,” one person wrote.

“Why ya’ll complaining it’s paste, seasoning, and water made in a clean bucket. It’s also going be in an extremely hot oven,” another wrote.

So, has it put you off of ordering from Little Caesars again? Or will you be returning?