Little Girl Owned White House Trick-or-Treat in Her Hilarious Melania Trump Costume | 22 Words

Figuring out what to dress up as for Halloween is a stressful decision no matter what, but it's got to be extra difficult when you're going trick-or-treating at the actual White House. The day before Halloween, a bunch of kids lined up to receive treats from the president and the first lady, and one little girl's getup totally took the cake (or in this case, the candy). She dressed up as Hurricane Response Melania, and it's perfect (unlike Melania's first hurricane response outfit).

This little girl traipsed right up to Donald and Melania dressed as Melania when she visited Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

This was the outfit Melania donned after she changed out of her hurricane-inappropriate stilettos, which she got a ton of flack for. But A+ to the little girl who decided it was the right time to bring up that moment to the first lady's face. To be fair, she might be an actual fan of Melania, but we like to think this tiny badass is a secret soldier of the resistance.

Another possibility is that this little girl loves the idea of a convenient, comfortable Halloween costume.

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And don't we all?! We don't want to be hiking up fishnets or sweating off ghost makeup while we run around making people give us candy. A baseball cap, sensible white button-down, black pants, and sneakers (thank goodness she wore sneakers!) is the way to go. None of this sexy Melania crap — onward and upward with the weather-appropriate Hurricane Response Melania costume.

You can watch the president and first lady's encounter with the little genius here, starting at about 36:54:

It's unclear whether or not Donnie and Melania get it right away, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that this kid, whether she meant to or not, became a hero this Halloween.