Marvel fans will be happy to hear that Loki has been confirmed to return for a second season.

The announcement came during a mid-credit scene in the final episode of season 1 that aired today on July 14th.

The scene, which took place for around the forty-two minutes and forty-eight seconds mark of the episode, shows Loki's variant case file before somebody stamps it with a message revealing season 2 is in the process.

The message very simply reads: "Loki will return in season 2."

After fan spotted the message, they took to social media to share their excitement.

"What type of ending was that? Wait…season 2??? MORE LOKI???? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the multiverse of madness," one Twitter user wrote.

"Holy Sh*tt episode 6 was AMAZING!!! Man it was full of unexpected surprises, Season 2 CONFIRMED!! Also KANG CONFIRMED! Marvel is on another level right now. Dr strange multiverse of madness is going to be on a whole different level. Score: 100/10," tweeted another person.

Another person added: "LOKI has been fantastic from start to finish! One of the best MCU projects ever! I'm sad to see it go, but what a ride! Here's to season 2!"

The Disney+ series, which stars Tom Hiddleston as a time variant version of the god of mischief, is the third series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the streaming service. The opening episode of Loki is said to have set a new record for Disney+ after it gathered an estimated 731 million minutes of viewing time, Digital Spy reports.

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe series to stream on Disney+ was WandaVision. The series starring Elizabeth Olsen received twenty-three Emmy nominations earlier this week.

The second was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier which acts as a bridge to the next Captain America film. The series has received five Emmy nominations.

The animated Marvel series, What If… is the next series to stream on Disney+. It is expected to be released in August.