Los Angeles Officially Recognized As a ‘No-Kill’ City for Animal Shelters | 22 Words

One city has brought an end to the practice of killing unwanted pets in animal shelters - and the internet is thrilled with the news.

Pets can bring real joy to everyday life.

Having a little fluffy creature to love can make life that little bit sweeter.

It's hard to deny their appeal.

Cats and dogs are cute, affectionate, hilarious, and loving.

But pet ownership isn't plain sailing.

It can be a big source of anxiety knowing you're responsible for another helpless creature.

Not to mention another huge lifestyle change.

Pets can't clean up after themselves - so make sure you're prepared for mess, mess, and more mess.

Pets are also undeniably time-consuming.

Preparing to give up significant amounts of your free time and agency is another less fun part of being a pet parent.

Not to mention the obvious.

Pet ownership can get really expensive. From food, to toys, to vet bills, it all adds up.

So while pet ownership is a real pleasure...

It's not something that should ever be undertaken lightly.

Because it's these ill-thought-through pet acquisitions that lead to animals in shelters.

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And animal shelters tend not to be places you'd want a pet to end up.

Some places are renowned for being incredibly poorly organized.

And because of this, the animals aren't being adopted.

But it seems change is on the horizon.

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With some very exciting news coming in today.

ABC 7 News revealed that animal shelters in the City of Angels have managed to achieve a save rate of 90.49%, taking them into official "no-kill" territory. 

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This is all thanks to the "No-Kill Los Angeles" initiative launched 9 years ago by Best Friends Animal Society.

Julie Castle stated:

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"By expanding this collaborative model nationwide, Best Friends' goal to make every community in the U.S. no-kill by 2025 becomes even more of a reality."

We love this news.

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And remember, adopt don't shop!