Woman Throws Away Lottery Ticket Thinking She Lost but Is Tracked Down To Be Told She Won $1 Million

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Just imagine winning the ultimate jackpot. Then imagine you found out you’d lost the ticket. But then imagine a good Samaritan tracked you down and reunited you with your savings. Well, that’s the reality for one woman – and the internet can’t believe this crazy story…

​Winning a scratch card is usually only a dream for many…

But for Lea Rose Fiega it became a reality.
And that was (unbelievably) only the beginning of her story…

Winning a big sum of money is life-changing.

And it’s obviously very exciting.

Just imagine what could be done with your winnings

We all have some secret fantasies about hitting the jackpot, right?

It makes buying a scratchcard pretty tempting.

You have to be in it to win it, right?

Well, one Massachusetts woman struck gold.

…Or did she?

She purchased a winning $1 million scratch card back in March.

But unbelievably, she didn’t notice.

Why, you may ask?

“I was in a hurry, on lunch break, and just scratched it real quick,” she explained.

“I looked at it, and it didn’t look like a winner, so I handed it over to them to throw away.”

And the store owners put the ticket to one side.

It lay behind the counter for ten days.

Buit then, when clearing up the counter, the clerk noticed something odd…

“One evening, I was going through the tickets from the trash and found out that she didn’t scratch the number,” Abhi Shah, the son of the store’s owners explained.

“I scratched the number and it was $1 million underneath the ticket.”

What would you do?

It’d certainly be tempting to claim the prize as your own, right?

But Shah is clearly a better sort of human.

He knew Fiega as a regular customer, and couldn’t in good conscience keep her winnings.

Well, kinda. He initially wanted to buy a Tesla with his winnings, but after talking it over with his family, decided otherwise.

“My grandmother said, ‘Let’s not keep the ticket. It’s not right. Just give it back to them. If it’s in your luck, you will get it anyhow.”

Shah went to visit Fiega at work.

“He came to my office and said, ‘My mom and dad would like to see you,'” she said. “I said, ‘I’m working,’ and he said, ‘No you have to come over.'”

“So I went over there and that’s when they told me.”

“I was in total disbelief. I cried, I hugged them.”

“I mean, who does that? They’re great people. I am beyond blessed.”

This story comes after Fiega had had a pretty awful year, too.

She’d already overcome COVID-19, which she thought was miraculous.

In fact, she compared getting well to “winning the lottery” – which is quite ironic now!

Fiega plans to save her winnings for retirement.

Apart from an undisclosed amount of money which she’s given back to the Shah family.

And there’s more good news for the family.

They also get a $10,000 bonus from the state lottery commission for selling the winning ticket.

So, you see, being a good citizen does pay!

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