Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Flaunts Armpit Hair on Magazine Cover

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, has done something truly empowering by flaunting her natural underarm hair on a magazine cover.

The twenty-five-year-old has finally hit back against trolls by putting her body hair out there for all to see.

And we’re loving it.

Lourdes made the cover of the Interview Magazine just by being her true, authentic self.

As always, there are those few among the masses that just can’t help but leave degrading comments. But, it’s especially annoying when it’s not got anything to do with their own body, am I right?

Well, even Lourdes has had enough, snapping back at cruel trolls, after she posted a picture of her at the Met Gala.

She said this:

Sharing a picture of herself at the Gala, she also shared a bold caption:
“Normalize not discussing a woman’s body period! THINK before you make insensitive, misogynistic comments!”

Not only that, but in a Q&A with Interview, she doubled down on her stance.

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When Lourdes was asked by Debi Mazar what her goal is, she answered:

“I want to create a world in which models have more agency over what they’re doing, and they’re not just silent clothing racks. That’s the age that we’re coming into in the fashion world: models as personalities and artists.”

And, she’s for sure reaching that goal.

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Keep being you Lourdes, we love it!