Luke Dunphy From 'Modern Family' Is Now Absolutely Ripped | 22 Words

The little boy we all know and loved is no more and Nolan Gould's most recent interview with People has proved that.

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The now twenty-two-year-old has been working out...


And the results are definitely noticeable, that's for sure.

​Let's just say he looks very different from what he used to...


​Now, we all know Nolan Gould from his role in Modern Family, where he played Luke Dunphy, a young and ditzy boy who always managed to entertain audiences with his one-liners.

And if you've watched the hilarious sitcom before, you'll know him for his messy hair and his little shirts...


As they became a staple part of his look.

But after the show ended last year, he seems to have come into his own with his style.

Gould recently did an interview with People Magazine in which he discussed how life in the pandemic has been for him.

He said this:

"I spent 6 months basically on vacation. But I feel like now it's time to kind of make a decision on where I want to go with my career, and one of the ways you can do that is by changing my look and my mindset."

He continued:

​"I've been working out an hour and a half every day with my friend Michael who is a personal trainer. We have a really cool socially-distant setup that has allowed me to get fit while also being safe. It's been nice."

He also added that this was his way to stay "motivated."

"Especially being unemployed in quarantine, having a reason to get up and stay motivated. It's been something that's been very healthy and positive for me in quarantine. It's really changed my outlook."

He then went into detail about his fitness plan, which impacted multiple parts of his life.

"I kind of split stuff up throughout the day. I do an hour of strength training every day, and then 30 minutes of cardio and core throughout the day."

And it's all about balance. If you truly want to get fit, your diet also needs altering and that's exactly what Gould did.

"I'm eating so much healthier, even though there's less of it. What I get is actually really healthy food for you: lean protein, eating as many vegetables as you want, and staying away from things like soda. Nourishing the mind, body, all that."

But he also included his struggles... The biggest one being alcohol.

​"...For me, the biggest thing was cutting out alcohol, for me that's actually been very nice. I feel more clear-headed and have been doing as much writing as possible, being in acting class, taking all the steps I can so when the pandemic's finally over, hopefully, I'll just be ready to go to work."

​What an amazing mindset to have.

For his fans, it was inspiring to see him take control of his life.

And it was also inspiring to see it all pay off.

Because along with the interview, came a very, very shocking photograph.

Shirtless, the twenty-two-year-old decided to unleash the biggest thirst-trap the world might have ever seen.

The comments poured in...


​Even his co-stars from the show were left gobsmacked at his transformation...


Have a look for yourselves:

Now that is what I like to call hard work paying off. We have no choice but to stan.

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