Instagram Sensation Lyric Chanel Dies Aged 13 | 22 Words

It was recently announced that Instagram sensation, Lyric "Yhung" Chanel has tragically passed away.

She was only thirteen.

The news has left fans shocked and heartfelt tributes have been pouring in...

The young star rose to fame after she started posting her song covers on social media.

Lyric, who was known for her infectious smile and personality, documented her life, as well as her ongoing health battle, on Instagram. In the end, she managed to amass over 600,000 followers who all supported her through the most difficult times.

Amongst these followers were a whole bunch of famous faces.

From the likes of Cardi B, all the way to Beyonce, powerful female singers and rappers showed Lyric the love she deserved and hoped that one day, she would also become a household name in music.

Beyonce even sent the little girl flowers last year as well as a personal note.

After seeing Lyric's cover of "Love On Top", Queen B couldn't help but reach out to the teenager, letting her know that she was a "survivor."

The note said this:

"I was so moved to see how these lyrics inspired you, not nearly as much as you inspired me. I can't wait to meet you one day... You are a survivor."

In a video response, Lyric was asked why the flowers had been sent to her to which she had the best reply:

"Because I'm a queen!"


Upon hearing about her death, the thirty-nine-year-old songwriter released a heartwarming tribute video from a collection of Lyric's photos and videos.


She also recorded a medley of Lyric's favorite songs, including "Halo", "Brown Skin Girl" and "Love On Top", before posting the video to her official YouTube, as well as her wesbite for fans to see.

She even changed up the lyrics in her song to consist of the young girl's name instead of "baby."

"Lyric it's you/ You're the one I love/ And you're the one I need...You're the one that gives your all/ You're the one I can always call."

She finished off the video by saying: "I love you with all of my heart."

The thirteen-year-old passed away on March 5th as her health declined rapidly.

Lyric has been battling brain cancer and anaplastic ependymoma for years, but in the past few months, it was obvious from her posts on Instagram, that things were getting worse.

Just last November, she underwent a lengthy procedure in order to remove a tumor.

But immediately, new growths had taken their place in her body.

And sadly, just a day before her death, her mom was giving fans health updates.

"My baby is at war and Cancer is the Opp," she said. "This does not feel real. Feeling very helpless right now. She still has a fighting spirit! She's still showing off her nails and bobbing her head to her favorite songs!!! Trusting God."

She also added how appreciative Lyric was of her fans.

RIP Lyric Chanel. Our thoughts are with her friends and family during this really difficult time.

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