Macaulay Culkin Celebrates His 40th Birthday and Makes Us Feel So Old | 22 Words

Macaulay Culkin absolutely thrives on Twitter - but his latest announcement has some feeling weirdly emotional ...

We all know Macaulay Culkin.

He may well be the original child actor.

He's part of the Culkin brother dynasty.

Who have pretty much dominated the world of child acting.

Sure, in his later years he's been less of a megastar ...

He's certainly remained in the public consciousness.

Whether it's bizarre stunts like this:

Or his pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band (look it up).

But this week, Culkin hit a birthday milestone.

And celebrated it with some hilarious tweets. Which, let's face it, are basically his specialty at this point ...
But his latest tweet-series is perhaps the funniest yet ...

Yep, Macaulay has turned 40!

He shared in in a typically hilarious way.

And as for his aims for the future?

Simply genius.

Thanks for the laughs, Macaulay!

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