Macaulay Culkin Perfectly Recreated Scenes From ‘Home Alone’

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Happy Holidays, you filthy animals. It’s another year, which means it’s time to rewatch the 1990’s classic film, Home Alone. For me, I’ll be watching for the second time in my life, as I only watched it for the first time last year. Don’t @ me on Twitter, it’s not my fault my parents weren’t movie people.

This year, something special has happened. The famed child actor, 38-year-old Macaulay Culkin, just released a video starring as everyone’s favorite Christmas kid, Kevin McAllister. Hollywood continues to feed into our nostalgia, and I continue to eat it up.

In collaboration with Google, this near-perfect recreation will get you pumped for another family viewing of your favorite Christmas movie. Maybe next year Google can use their magic technology to bring back the ghost of Jimmy Stewart so we can get an It’s a Wonderful Life 2. Here’s hoping. And Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Quanza and Happy Holidays for all you non-denominational peeps.

Everyone’s favorite Christmas movie.

Unless you’re counting your weird cousins and Die Hard (not a Christmas movie, I don’t care when it takes place).

And despite having five movies within the series, people still want more.

Yeah, there are five movies. I mean, there are two movies and three other pieces of forgettable garbage… but still!

Well, Christmas has come early.

Macaulay Culkin has recreated some of Home Alone‘s most iconic scenes and wrapped them up in a nice bow just for you. And yes, I did have to copy and paste Macaulay Culkin’s name into this article. You try spelling it right on the first try.

So get ready to jump for joy when you see the amazing detail that went into this project.

Bad puns aside, it’s seriously impressive what they managed to pull off.

Whether it be Culkin’s now 38-year-old skin getting a fresh coat of aftershave…

Side note, how is did Macaulay Culkin 38-years-old? Boy, time flies.

Or eating a big bowl of ice cream and watching a movie…

Which, as it turns out, according to my doctor, is unhealthy. Who knew?

Don’t worry, Kevin’s got you covered.

So let’s fast forward to 2018, shall we?

They even went to the original house in Chicago to grab this one shot!

Which is way above and beyond anything I’d ever do. And I love Chicago.

The work is shot-for-shot accurate.

Even down to those insane facial expressions.

Transporting us back to 1990. Except, kinda creepy, because this time it’s a 40-year-old man.

Well, almost 40. I guess someone who’s 38 would probably resent me for calling him 40.

But seriously, even the freaking wallpaper is the same!

Shoutout to the production designer.

And in case you were wondering, no, there is no extended version of the movie-inside-the-movie.

But it still gets its own little cameo!

And look how much the 38-year-old is enjoying it!

Sorry, it still freaks me out that he’s this old. Honestly, we should get a reboot with Macaulay as the dad who leaves his son behind.

Or maybe he just sends his entire family on vacation so he can enjoy the holidays like he used to.

Yeah, I like that version better. It’s like A Christmas Carol mixed with Home Alone where Macaulay Culkin is a grump who wants to be attacked by the Wet Bandits every year.

But alas, maybe next year.

This year, all we have is this video.

And a dream.

So let’s get to the video already!

I feel an immense amount of guilt for making you wait this long.

You should be warned. The video was made by Google, and it’s a straight-up ad– but it’s still pretty fun!

Check it out!

This is a video 2018 never knew it needed, will still cherish this forever.

How good was that?

Like way better than Matthew Broderick trolled everyone with that Ferris Bueller’s Super Bowl commercial.

And can we talk about the attention to detail?

Everything aside from like the clothing is perfect.

The crew had to painstakingly recreate the sets (and that wallpaper) in Los Angeles.

And they nailed it. They must have scoured the US to get all these matching parts– either that or they spent forever remaking everything from scratch.

Check out the behind the scenes for more awesome moments.

Macaulay Culkin seems super sweet in person!

Here’s what the Internet had to say.

It’s too true, I’m not ready for what 2019 has to bring.

Some perfect timing!

Agreed, we needed a little extra wholesomeness for a holiday season that’s felt kind of flat.

The ultimate mashup!

It’s all my favorite childhood memories slamming into one another.

Warning, there’s a very different opinion ahead.

Sorry bro, but you’re wrong. Home Alone is a classic movie.

Some people are claiming a conspiracy.

And honestly, I kinda buy into this. I would love a Christmas Story/Home Alone Extended Universe. Make it happen, Marvel.

There was a pretty big missed opportunity.

Maybe next year! I heard Joe Pesci was too busy shooting a Chantix commercial to rival Ray Liotta’s. Those two are always fighting for the same roles.

Guys, this is the best conspiracy yet.

Look at that author of the article. Did Kevin McAllister grow up to be an investigative journalist?

It gets better.

I would also be 100% down for this sequel. What about you? Political or otherwise, is it time for another Home Alone movie? We’re curious!