Machine Gun Kelly Fights Fan Then Gets Booed during Louder Than Life Performance

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Machine Gun Kelly has been cultivating a wealth of headlines recently. For good, for bad, or ugly? Well, this one certainly isn’t one he’ll be wanting to remember.

This is the story of his Louder Than Life performance…

After his very recent spat with Slipknot, Machine Gun Kelly sparked his newest feud during a recent performance when he was heckled throughout his performance at Louder Than Life, at one point even reportedly throwing a punch at a ‘fan’ who jumped the barrier to confront him.

Video footage of the show shows Machine Gun Kelly performing to a chorus of boos. Festival goers can be seen flipping MGK off.

At one point, when MGK made his way down to the photo pit, a handful of fans jumped over the barricade and began charging at MGK.

Security were able to get between the fans and MGK, before the rapper seemingly threw a punch at one of them. However, it remains rather difficult to tell if the punch landed or not.

The cause of the booing turned scuffle of course remains unknown, however according to reports it’s likely to have come as a result of MGK’s very public spat with Slipknot singer Corey Taylor. Especially considering many of those who shared the bill with MGK at Louder Than Life were similar acts to Slipknot themselves…

At his recent Riot Fest show, Machine Gun Kelly commented onstage:

You all want to know what I’m happy that I’m not doing? Being 50 years old wearing a f**king weird mask on the f**king stage.

Not a good idea.

But it’s deeper than that. Corey Taylor had previously criticized MGK’s move from hip-hop to pop-punk. It also turns out Taylor was supposed to guest on MGK’s album, but it didn’t pan out over creative differences.

Judging from their recent antics/arguments/other ‘creative differences’, it seems highly unlikely that they’ll be working together anytime soon either!

But hey, if there’s one thing that’s come of this media attention it’s that they have given themselves a wealth of headlines across the media. And in the words of Oscar Wilde himself, ‘the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about!’