Machine Gun Kelly Shaved all his Hair and Revealed a Huge Head Tattoo

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Machine Gun Kelly recently revealed his new hairdo – a completely bald head in aid of his new song “Papercuts.”

Now, the singer is well known for experimenting with different looks, including hundreds of tattoos and wild hair colors… but his most recent revelation is certainly a first!

And if you haven’t already noticed, his long blonde locks seem to usually cover up a big tattoo that takes up a large circumference on his now-bald head. Are we the only ones who have never noticed this tattoo before?

But some people are questioning whether or not he’s actually wearing a bald cap… because no sign of a tattoo has ever been seen before and fans are wondering if it’s a publicity stunt!

MGK has been tatted up for a long while though… even before the era of 2012.

But he has got a reputation for getting new tattoos to commemorate new music… He even got his matching “Born with Horn’s tattoo”, with Travis Baker to mark his upcoming album.

His fans were shocked and confused by the new look, of course, but MGK finally revealed that he was, indeed, wearing a bald cap for the video.

“Can’t get over that final minute, especially Travis absolutely smashing it on the drums. Jesus Christ…” one person said in response to his new song.

“Mgk inspired me to go all-in with my music because he showed me that anything is possible and he went big with his dreams. I believe it will happen for me one day, I’m not stopping when it does!!!!!” another person expressed.

And another person wrote: “Number 1: The song is f*cking fire, Number 2: I’m so f*cking happy he didn’t shave his head.”

So, his fans are extremely happy he didn’t actually shave his head…

The publicity stunt comes a few months after the singer went public with girlfriend Megan Fox – a couple who haven’t been afraid of showing some heavy PDA at all!