'Macho Man' Was Played at the End of Donald Trump's Florida Rally and Anderson Cooper's Face Says It All | 22 Words

Trump's Florida rally proved to be quite a spectacle, especially for Anderson Cooper...

The scenes at Trump's Florida rally on Tuesday have garnered a lot of attention... for all the wrong reasons.

The President is back on the campaign trail, but his choice of music has left people feeling all that second-hand embarrassment.

Including Anderson Cooper...

Cooper couldn't contain his laughter, for a very specific reason.

Now, it's been a whirlwind few weeks in the world of American politics.

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It was confirmed on October 2nd that President Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump, had been diagnosed with the virus that has already killed over 208,000 Americans.

Trump tweeted this...

Though, at this time, he didn't give any further details regarding his and Melania's symptoms.

Immediately after his diagnosis, the president went into self-isolation...

And floods of well-wishes for him and the first lady began pouring in from all around the world.

But on the other hand...

Lots of angry and spiteful messages were thrown at the pair following their diagnosis.

Many laughed at the irony of his diagnosis...

Considering that the president has done nothing but downplay this pandemic.

But many people were, quite rightfully, feeling concerned about Trump's chances of surviving the deadly virus...

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Because even though it has a fairly steady survival rate, seventy-four-year-old President Trump is actually in the high-risk category.

And, just days after his diagnosis, our fears were confirmed.

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After receiving a cocktail of drugs as a "precautionary measure", Trump was transported to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre.

However, he gave off the impression that he was extremely unaffected by the virus.

Trump gave a video update from the hospital, in which he praised the "incredible" Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and revealed that he had "met some of the soldiers" and was planning a "surprise" visit.

And, of course, nothing can keep the president hospitalized for too long.

After a mere 2 days, he tweeted this: "I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Donโ€™t be afraid of Covid. Donโ€™t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!"

Now, telling a country to not be afraid of a virus that has killed 200,000 Americans is an extremely reckless thing to say...

And, of course, people were not happy with his choice of announcement.

But Trump's dangerous outlook on the virus isn't the only thing pressing on people's minds...

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What does this mean for his presidential campaign?

Well, he has been plowing full steam ahead with his campaign efforts...

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And, despite his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, he is back on the campaign trail.

Trump was in the battleground state of Florida on Tuesday...

And videos quickly began surfacing of the event where "Macho Man" can be heard playing.

The track alludes to a number of homosexual themes including muscle worship and the fetishization of masculinity.

Which is pretty ironic considering Trump repeatedly fought against the expansion of LGBTQ rights throughout his first term.

Trump is no stranger to using music by The Village People.

And has even been filmed dancing to "YMCA."

All of this might explain why CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, an out gay man, reacted the way he did yesterday after hearing the "Macho Man" playing.

Twitter exploded with reactions to Cooper's face as he heard the track at the rally.

You can check out Cooper's hilarious reaction below:

The face of a man trying desperately to hold in his laughter. For more news on the upcoming election, scroll on...