The world is a weird and wonderful place. We have been evolving for thousands of years and everything we see around us is the result of a crazy idea that someone thought just might work. Think about it, the first airplanes, showers, computers, and hooded-coats all came about as a result of a simple idea.

And now the world is talking about another great invention: the "magic" penis cleaner. But what are people saying about it? Is it going to be the next big invention that we can't live without? Is it any weirder than some of these other inventions? Let's take a look.

Some inventions become things that we never knew we needed.

Some inventions become absolutely necessary in our everyday lives, but some are just plain weird. In which of these categories will the magic penis cleaner fall? Is a moustache shield the invention that we've all been waiting for? How have we got by without sea shoes? These are all very important questions.

Do you ever wish that you could take a nap absolutely anywhere, at any time?

This weird looking pillow is a sort of napping helmet, called an Ostrich Pillow. It has cushioning on all sides so that you can fall asleep whenever and wherever you like. It covers your eyes while leaving space for your nose and mouth. Now that is a seriously good idea to help you get great quality shut-eye. It even has holes that you can put your arms through so that you can nap at a desk or table if you want to! It looks like it would provide some top quality napping and we're all for it.

How often do you struggle to cut pizza without dragging all the toppings around?

Regular pizza cutters are usually not so great. They are pretty fun to play with (we've all rolled that wheel a little more than we need to just because it's a great time), but they often don't work very well. And knives just slide the cheese straight off the pizza. Not ideal. It looks like these pizza scissors would do a much better job. The only question is, is there a real need for special pizza scissors that cut significantly smaller slices we would like. Surely you would just use regular kitchen scissors instead? (Maybe we're just greedy...)

Have you ever wished that you could eat with your pen?

At first glance, the Din-Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils seems like a bit of a weird invention. It's essentially cutlery that you can attach to the top of your pen. They might be useful a useful invention if you're having lunch in the office or if you like to keep a diary while at summer camp, but otherwise, it just doesn't seem that practical.

Does your dog need an umbrella?

Dogs are great, but there are few things worse than that wet-dog smell. But now, it looks like there may be a solution to the problem. Enter: the Dogbrella. The idea is that it goes at the end of the lead and keeps your dog dry as the two of you stroll around the park on a rainy night. But do you think it would work? Surely the wet ground would still get your pup wet underneath?

Have you ever got shampoo in your child's eyes?

Yeah, they don't like that. But unless you've got some serious skills, it seems that it's inevitable; it will happen every. single. time. But this shower cap for kids seems like a pretty good idea, although whether or not it would work in a bath, rather on than a kitchen counter, well, that's a different matter.

This is a weird one.

Somebody has invented a foot-powered bike. This German-designed "Fliz" bike involves the rider sort of hanging in a harness, and then running and gliding, rather than using the usual pedal and chain set-up. But there doesn't seem to be any footage of anyone getting in or out of the harness, or of anyone trying to get up a hill in it - we'd love to see that! So whether it'd be good enough to replace the traditional bicycle, we're not sure. We would like to have a go on it, though!

This might be the most passive aggressive invention out there.

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In 1955, a man named Russell E. Oakes came up with an automatic tip requester. It was designed for hotel bell-hops, so they can receive a casual tip once they've turned to depart. The cheeky bit is that if the tip didn't weigh enough, (aka, if there wasn't enough money in the hand),  a "no sale" sign would pop out. It probably worked better in the days before contactless payments were a thing!

Who wouldn't want to give these a go?

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In 1962, Mr M. W. Hulton invented this pair of "sea shoes." They are essentially a pair of skis to be worn on water, with duck-foot propellers underneath to help keep you afloat. I can't think of a single occasion in which they would be useful, but they would be fun to use for races with friends!

Do you ever get uncomfortable in a sleeping bag?

Of course you do! It's just not natural to sleep in a nylon cocoon, with no escape options available when your feet inevitably overheat. But fear not, campers, you're in luck! The sleeping bag suit allows you to keep your arms warm, without being trapped in a cocoon, and allows you to move your legs more than just two inches in any direction. It even has un-zippable feet, so you need never overheat again! This invention looks like a real winner to us.

This one isn't as weird as it first seems.

The 'hug me pillow' was designed to help lonely people fall asleep. It's basically an imaginary chest to sleep on. It seems a bit odd, but if it helps lonely hearts, then who are we to knock it? But what's really great is that it's become a tool to help pregnant ladies sleep more comfortably. The pillow helps to support their newly-shaped bodies. It's the perfect example of a strange idea evolving into something really quite wonderful.

The quest to get babies to sleep has always been a tough one.

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Back in 1963, a Japanese inventor came up with these beating breasts, designed to work as a sleeping aid for babies and children. Some inventions just never caught on. What do you think about this one?

Let's hope we never need these...

Hairy leg stockings have been invented in China to ward off perverts. Presumably, the idea is that the hair will put people off doing anything untoward that they might, otherwise, have done without a thought. Either way, they are really, really weird. Surely, it would be better to do something to prevent perverted behavior, rather than making women less "appealing" to these awful people...

We all know someone who needs this.

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With the rise of "The Hipster" came the growth of facial hair. Moustaches were once reserved for dads in the 70s, but they came back into fashion and an uncomfortable amount of men in our lives began to boast those little furry creatures. But with them, came some new problems when eating... Enter: the moustache shield. Designed by Virgil A. Gates back in 1876, this moustache shield is designed to keep moustaches away from food and drink. So simple, but so effective; a truly solid invention.

And now there's a modern invention for these modern times.

There's a new invention on the market and it's got everyone talking. The aptly named company, Boner, has released a "penis cleaner."

The penis cleaner you didn't know you needed.

It is labelled on Amazon as a "hygiene wash intimate gel," and claims that it will provide a "fresh feeling."

It can be for regular use, or special occasions (wink wink)

Apparently, the spray is "specially made for sexy games that demand a clean start and end." But it's also handy to have around "when you exercise," or "just when your genitals [could] use a refreshing boost."

It is important to respect your intimate hygiene.

The label claims that the spray can be used as a part of your daily wash routine, in order to improve your intimate hygiene. It's never a bad thing to make sure that everything is as clean and hygienic as possible down there, especially if you are hoping for anyone else to go anywhere near it.

Be careful where you put it, though.

Although the bottle suggests that it is suitable for "your penis and other intimate areas," it does suggest that you should avoid getting it anywhere near your eyes. So, presumably, it's not just water in an over-priced bottle; it seems to have something a little more going on.

There's one quite worrying instruction, though.

The application instructions on the bottle direct the user to "spray an amount of Penis Cleaner into the penis." Why is it going into the penis? And how much is "an amount" supposed to be, exactly? We think it makes the product seem a little less trustworthy...

What amount of "freshness" is ideal?

It seems that the main purpose of this Penis Cleaner is to refresh the general area, but how fresh should a penis be, exactly? When do you reach optimal freshness? Most people were in agreement with us in their comments on this new invention.

There is a general consensus about the need for a special penis cleaner.

Surely, most people find that a good, thorough wash in the shower with soap and water is sufficient to keep it all clean and fresh? Are there enough people on the lookout for a product like this to warrant stocking it on the shelves?

There are some things that don't need to be modernized.

Yes, general hygiene standards have improved in recent years, and yes, that is a good thing. But some things are fine just the way they are. And we think that one of those things is probably the cleaning of the penis. Soap and water will do just fine.

It seems that it's missed a gap in the market.

One man has discovered an occasion in which the Penis Cleaner would be very useful: on vacation! But the size of the bottle means that no one can take it onto the plane. It looks like getting hot and sweaty on vacation isn't avoidable after all...

This Twitter-user said what we are all thinking... almost.

This man has always found soap and water to do the job just fine. Surely, as long as you clean thoroughly, nothing else is required? Except maybe a squirt of lemon juice? What...?

We'd reccomend giving the lemon juice a miss...

Although a lot of people found the idea of the penis cleaner hilarious, more people seemed to be focused on this Twitter-user's proclamation that he uses lemon juice. So much so that he later tweeted a disclaimer. He wanted to clarify that he doesn't actually use lemon juice to clean his "todger," aka the "old fella." Phew!

But people aren't convinced by his protestations.

We don't think we'd recommend using any citrus fruit down there...

Other people also noticed the odd mention of lemon juice.

@Devman33 was obviously trying to make a simple point, that many would agree with. But, his mention of lemon juice is just too odd for many to let go. This gif certainly sums up what he was saying perfectly, especially as he went on to claim that it would burn like "sulfuric acid."

There are some more curious people out there.

Sure, most of us think that this product seems kind of unnecessary, but who isn't a little bit intrigued by it? What is that refreshing feeling that it offers? Does it really work?

What do you think?

I think we can all agree that soap and water (and lemon juice?) usually is sufficient, but who wouldn't want to give the Magic Penis Cleaner a try if it was available? How does this measure up to the other inventions? Would you rather try the Ostrich Pillow or the sleeping bag suit? Which would be more useful, the foot-powered bike, or the sea shoes with duck-foot propellers? And which do you want to try more, the moustache shield or The Magic Penis Cleaner?