Most mailboxes in the world are pretty straightforward. You put the mail in, you put the flag up, and you go about your day. But there are some people in the world for whom the standard mailbox simply will not do. For whatever reason, these people have chosen to wander off the beaten mailbox path and come up with something truly unique.

Some of their mailboxes are especially cute. Some are very clever. Some are an amazing display of artistic creativity. And some are just straight-up horrifying. But you know what? I bet that if you're a mail carrier, mailboxes like the ones featured on this list probably break up the monotony of walking the same route every single day. If that's the case, then I guess more power to them!

If you're looking for a way to make your own mailbox unique, maybe you'll find a great idea here! Or maybe you'll find the exact opposite of that. Either way.

The alligator man.

from ATBGE
It doesn't say anywhere that this mailbox is located in Florida, but I am approximately 92 percent sure that it is located in Florida.

Mail monster.

Whoever delivers the mail to this residence must be very brave. I salute them.

Oh, look. A gun.

from ATBGE
Does the world need a mailbox shaped like a gun? Probably not. But it sure does have one.

The pirate lass.

from ATBGE
I feel like this lady and the alligator man might really hit it off. How do we get them together?

Oh, look. Another gun.

from ATBGE
I'd like to say I'm surprised there is more than one gun mailbox. I am not.

The crusher.

from ATBGE
That poor mailbox! It's just trying to do its job!

I've got my eye on you.

I guess this is one way to deter package thieves. They'll always feel as though they're being watched!

They call him Flipper.

from ATBGE
I have nothing against a dolphin mailbox. But this particular dolphin doesn't look exactly pleased to have the job.


from ATBGE
I guess they didn't want to go for the whole gun and elected to have just a shotgun shell instead. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

This one I actually love.

This kind of makes me want to get a VW van just so I can also get a VW van mailbox. Is that too extreme?


There was actually a mailbox exactly like this one in my hometown. I can't help but think it might encourage people to take a swing at it, though.

It's a crane!

I love this! Now I'm really starting to regret my own very standard mailbox design.

Mini me!

If you ask me, this tiny house fad is getting way out of hand. I really hope this little house has an even tinier mailbox, though.

This is just a microwave.

Can you do this? Is this legal?

The Thinker.

I think it's probably contemplating its own place in this world. I get it.

A seasonal treasure.

Sure, he might melt later, but I'm sure he will provide many smiles before that happens.

OK, computer.

I guess you can just put anything on a pole and call it a mailbox these days. Good to know!

This mailbox belongs to a seamstress!

New life goal: Get a mailbox that reflects my profession.

It's the whole world!

Don't pretend like you wouldn't like to reach into the center of the Earth to get all of your junk mail. That'd be the best thing ever.

What should we do with the old boat motor?

Turn it into a mailbox, of course! What was your idea?

No more cold feet!

This makes me feel bad for all of the mailboxes out there that don't have socks. They're probably so chilly!

This guy looks so happy:

See, this is what I wish that dolphin looked like. This manatee is clearly having the time of its life.

Wait. Is this legal?

I'm pretty sure you can't do that. But they did it, so maybe I'm wrong.

Udderly amazing.

I've got nothing against a cow-shaped mailbox. I might prefer reaching into the head end rather than the tail end, though.

Another microwave!

This would be perfect for anyone who regularly has Pizza Rolls delivered to their home.


Why do I get the feeling that mailbox is full of gold coins? Better give this fella a wide berth.

More job-related mailboxes!

I love this world and all the people in it. Keep doing you, people.

I guess it's for air mail.

I have to assume this isn't for actual mail...right? Or maybe their mail carrier is just very tall.

Art supplies!

This might be my favorite. It's so hard to choose, though!

A sea monster!

I would love to see this in my own neighborhood. But I would not want to either put mail into it or take mail out of it. Share this with someone who loves unique art!