Mailman Returns Father’s Day Letter Sent to Heaven

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A mailman shared his heartwrenching discovery after finding a Father’s Day letter written by an 8-year-old, addressed to heaven…

The mailman, who wants to remain anonymous, said he had found the letter inside a dropbox along a route he doesn’t usually cover.

He admitted to being “taken aback” when he read it as he had lost his own father just last year.
“Obviously without a stamp or an actual address on it, if it got put in with the rest of the stuff to be delivered it would just end up getting thrown away in transit somewhere,” he said.
“I spoke to my manager and asked if I could try to get hold of the family to find out more about it and get it back to them.”

After posting the letter on Facebook, it instantly reached thousands of people…

And within just fifteen minutes he was put in contact with the girl’s mom, Sarah Tully.

Tully admitted she was “just overwhelmed” by the huge reaction to the letter online.

“I never thought this would happen. I’m in shock,” she said.

She said her daughter was just 4 months old when she lost her dad, Tony…

And had “really struggled” without him, but writing letters to him is what helped her cope.

“She was so small and she’s only just starting to understand,” she said, “I think this year it might have hit her the hardest because she was more emotional.”

Tully added she will be keeping the letter and screenshots of people’s comments tucked away for when her daughter’s older.
We’re not crying, you are…