Make Your Partner a Bacon Bouquet This Valentine's Day | 22 Words

Valentine's Day is a hard holiday to pull off when you're in a relationship. Everything has to be perfect, right? You need to score a gift that your partner will really love.

So if there's a special bacon-loving someone in your life, start off Valentine's Day the right way. Who needs a bouquet of roses when you can just make them out of bacon? Now, hear us out – yes, a gift of a dozen red roses is the standard for romantic gestures. But what are you really going do with the roses, aside from watching them wilt in a couple days? A bouquet of bacon, on the other hand, looks cool and makes Valentine's Day breakfast extra special.

If you want to try your hand at edible arrangements, keep reading! We've got a ton of delicious Valentine's Day ideas to sample.

Does Valentine's Day stress you out?

Look, it's a stressful holiday. Yes, you're just trying to make someone you love happy, but it's easy to put pressure on yourself to get them something perfect.

You're not alone.

Plenty of people are wracking their brains right about now, trying to make sure their plans are golden.

It's the details that really make the difference.

So here's one potential V-Day idea for you to play around that's perfect for breakfast!

Raise your hand if you're a fan of bacon.

Most people who eat meat are. It's the best way to consume pork!

So it's established: people love bacon.

Follow my logic on this one, guys. If your significant other loves bacon, then giving them a whole bouquet of it is definitely an act of true love!

Don't get me wrong, flowers are great too.

But... they do just wilt after a week. And it's not like you can eat them! Unless your palate is feeling particularly avant-garde, that is.

But bacon is definitely edible.

So if you fold strips of bacon into little roses and gather them in a foodie's dream bouquet, you've got something cute and useful.

Plus, picture that on a breakfast table.

If you're planning to prepare your partner a lovely Valentine's Day breakfast, what better way to jazz up the presentation?

It'll be a breakfast to remember.

Because having your spouse roll you a bouquet of bacon roses seem like it'd be a pretty memorable Valentine's Day experience.

Take that, clichés!

At this point, gifting flowers is pretty run-of-the-mill. Everyone does that as the default. Put some extra thought into this next bouquet!

And you can still do other things for your significant other.

If you're one of those couples who like to go all in on Valentine's Day, then nobody's saying you have to stop at gifting your sweetheart some floral meat. But it's a pretty cute start, right?

Wondering how to pull this off?

Here's a little tutorial on making the perfect bacon bouquet!

But maybe your partner doesn't like bacon or doesn't eat meat.

That's no problem! There are a ton of way to put together an edible arrangement that is nice to look at, and delicious!

Take this Reese's Peanut Butter Cups bouquet.

via: Walmart

I'd take a pile of peanut butter cups for a present any day!

When you think Valentine's Day, you usually think of a box of chocolates.

But how often does a person like every single flavor in those assortment boxes?

When you think about it, a bouquet like this is an even safer bet.

If your partner's favorite candy is the peanut butter cup, then why waste money on an expensive assortment of truffles? Just get them the kind they love the most!

Here's an idea, courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

via: Krispy Kreme

The popular doughnut chain is offering doughnut bouquets for Valentine's Day!

And you can customize the doughnuts.

Either get a bouquet of the classic glazed type or mix it up with an assortment of flavors. Check Krispy Kreme's website to see if you're near a participating location!

Krispy Kreme isn't alone.

via: Harry and David's

Check out this cute doughnut bouquet from Harry and David's! You can get one shipped to you in two days.

Not that you *have* to get junk food bouquets.

via: Harry and David's

If you're looking for something a little more naturally sweet, instead of baked sweets, Harry and David's also has these fruity gift baskets.

Here's a fun combo bouquet:

via: Edible Blooms

The doughnut bouquet from Edible Blooms comes with a bottle of beer in the middle, and it lets you write a custom message!

Dylan's Candy Bar is making donut hole bouquets.

via: Dylan's Candy Bar

If you're more of a mini-doughnut fan, check these out! It's one of the many things the candy store is making special for Valentine's Day.

But enough about doughnuts.

via: Walmart

And check out this bouquet of Oreo cookies instead!

If your culinary skills leave something to be desired, there's this:

via: Bacon Bouquets

Yep, you can also buy bacon bouquets, from the Bacon Bouquets company that specialized in making them.

Maybe your significant other is more of a salami person.

via: Olympia Provisions

You guessed it: there's a bouquet of salami you can purchase for Valentine's Day, too.

Check out this beef jerky bouquet.

via: Manly Man Company

The Manly Man company is selling beef jerky bouquets, for those Valentine's Days you want to get flowers, but your partner has really been craving some jerky.

And look at this: a cookie bouquet!

via: Cookie Bouquets

It even looks a bit like red roses! But it's actually twelve wrapped assorted cookies, accented with some faux-ferns and baby's breath flowers.

Consider getting on the edible arrangement train.

Think about it; are you trying to get your partner something that, traditionally, they should enjoy, or are you trying to get something you know they'll enjoy? Like, say... cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

So, what's the moral of the story?

The heyday of the edible arrangement has come. If you can eat it, there's probably a bouquet of it somewhere!

And if it's not, don't be afraid of DIY.

Stretch your creative muscles and make an edible bouquet yourself! The personal touch will make it all the more special. Did any of these Valentine's Day bouquets catch your eye? Share this story with someone special and see what they think!