These Makeup Artists' Optical Illusions Will Totally Trick Your Brain | 22 Words

Makeup ain't what it used to be. And that's a great thing.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with trends coming in and out at a rapid pace. Makeup is fascinating. It's an art form – and anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn't understand the transformative talent of makeup artists. They can turn a person into something otherworldly. While most of us use makeup to hide our blemishes and pesky under-eye bags, there are some people out there who use makeup to do extraordinary things.

Like, say, optical illusion makeup. Optical illusion makeup is wild. It will have you thinking that you're eyes are playing tricks on you with its warped perspective.

Here are some optical illusion makeup artists that will totally blow your mind.


This one took me a second to figure out that the lower eye isn't her actual eye. Now that's impressive.

Umm, what?!

THIS IS WILD. She painted her finger on her face!


This is the perfect makeup to wear when your significant other makes you mad. Stand behind them wearing this look!

Whoah there...

This one is totally wild. How does someone do this with only makeup?!

Laced up

I can't stop looking at it. Her face is literally popping, and it's wonderful.


This makeup should be in a museum! And I think I'm fancy when I spring for some winged eyeliner.


Who knew geometry could translate to your face so well? This is a look I think we should all start rocking.

Four eyes

This brings a whole new meaning to "double vision." The better to see you with, my dear.


If you look closely, you can see the model's eyes closed. How trippy is this?! It's the perfect Halloween makeup.

A new Marvel villain?

Who else can't stop staring at this? Also, does he not look like Thanos' kid brother?

Out of sorts

When you're feeling a bit loopy... How do people do this with just makeup? It's incredible.

Big mouth

Some people have a smile that takes over their entire face... Literally.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, what's the door to the chest?

Did I just make up a riddle? Yes. Yes, I did.


This is both impressive and eerie. This makeup looks like something out of a horror movie.

Whoah! How?

I keep staring at this photo, trying to understand. It's magnificent.

Close your eyes

Do you ever wonder what the inside of your head looks like?

Falling apart

The 3-D factor on this makeup is something else. Haven't you ever wanted your highlighter to just really POP?

Like magic

This is truly a work of art. It's all makeup. Can you guess how they did it?

Split screen

Sometimes you want to rock two different looks. Who says you can't have both on at the same time?


Some people have dry skin that peels. This? It's a whole other level.


Ever feel like you're just unraveling? This is the look for you!


The best part of looking at these optical illusion makeup designs is trying to find where the actual face is. Can you spot the eyes, nose, and mouth?

Just a touch

Some optical illusion designs don't have to be too big – just big enough to look really awesome.

All tied up

Again, can you figure out (by staring at this photo for a ridiculous amount of time) how this artist did this? Once you spot the lips, it's crazy.


Not all of us have it all together all the time. Sometimes we come apart, despite ourselves.

Upside down

Is upside down face makeup the hot new thing? Freaky, but fascinating.


This picture proves that makeup produces works of art. The colors!

Look into my eyes...

If you're not trying to get hypnotized, look away. Look far, far away.

What's trying to get out?

Talk about a horrifying thought – something trying to crawl out of your face. Like your nose, maybe?


The cracks are so detailed! If you aren't convinced that makeup artists are some of the most talented people in the universe, who are you?! Share this with your friend who is obsessed with makeup.