19 Hacks for Makeup Lovers That’ll Change Your Whole Routine

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Makeup is pretty magical stuff.

When it’s done right, it can give you a burst of confidence and make you feel as though you can take on the world.

But no one is born with the knowledge of how to do their makeup perfectly.

It takes TONS of practice. And tricks! We can’t do the practice for you, but we have a bunch of makeup hacks for you to try as you continue on your makeup journey. Give ’em a shot!

Clumpy mascara is the worst.

But it’s not the end of the world! All you have to do is let the mascara tube rest in a cup of warm water for a few minutes, and it’ll smooth out any clumps. And whatever you do, don’t pump the wand into the bottle! That just adds more air which dries the mascara out faster!

DIY Brush Mat

Use a hot glue gun to make bumpy shapes on a cutting board, jar lid, or another flat surface. Once it dries, it becomes the perfect surface for cleansing your makeup brushes. All those bumps get the soaked-in makeup out.

Keep your Beauty Blender safe.

An Easter egg is the perfect size and shape for holding your Beauty Blender to keep it from becoming dirty. Plus, it feels like a little treat every time you open it.

Use a hanger to dry your brushes.

After washing your brushes, you want to store them upside-down, so moisture doesn’t run into the ferrules and loosen the glue. Attach brushes to a hanger using tiny ponytail holders! This next hack is a godsend for people who prefer cream eyeshadows.

DIY Cream eyeshadow.

You can mix a small amount of powdered eyeshadow with lotion and create your own cream eyeshadow. This also works great for blush!

Don’t have a fan brush?

No problem! Use a bobby pin to smush the bristles of another brush and voila! Instant fan brush!

Upgrade the curl.

If your eyelashes don’t seem to respond much to eyelash curlers, try warming the curler up with your hairdryer first. The added heat makes the curl more prevalent.

This hack is for safety!

Always get rid of makeup that’s past its prime. There should be a tiny logo that shows you how long to keep each item.

Grab a spoon!

Pretty much every time I put mascara on, I end up with some on my eyelid. If you deal with the same issue, use a spoon to block the wand from touching your eyelid and. No more touchups! I’ve used this next hack plenty of times.

Get the eyedrops!

Here’s another hack for mascara that’s dried out. Add a couple of drops of contact solution, and it should smooth right out.

This one looks a little freaky.

If you’re using false eyelashes, apply them to the outside of your tube of mascara (or a cylindrical brush). This gives them a bit of a curve and makes them less likely to stick up when you’re trying to apply them to your lashline.

Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips!

You might already be exfoliating your face on the reg, but don’t forget about your lips! Here’s a great way to make sure your lip color is always vibrant.

Dropped your eyeshadow?

Don’t panic! Just add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and smooth the eyeshadow back into the pot. This also works with cracked powder and blush.

Behold: White eyeliner.

If you don’t already have white eyeliner, it’s time to get some, my friend. It does so much. This next hack will keep all your tools clean and germ-free!

DIY (super cheap!) makeup brush cleaner.

All you need to clean your brushes is some water, dish soap, and vinegar. Mix ’em up and swirl your brushes around before rinsing them thoroughly. (Don’t forget to dry them upside-down!)

Got a light?

Running your eyeliner pencil through the flame for just a few seconds will give you a strong, intense line that’s also perfectly smudgeable. Just make sure to test it on your arm first to make sure it’s not too hot!

Roll tape!

A well-placed piece of clear tape makes an excellent eyeliner stencil if you’re trying to achieve the winged eyeliner look. Carefully remove the tape afterward and you’re all set!

Or use a bobby pin:

You can also use a bobby pin to achieve the same winged eyeliner look. Your house is probably full of tools you wouldn’t otherwise think to use during your makeup routine!

Brows on fleek.

Maintaining the perfect brow is SO HARD, but this handy guide is a good place to start when it comes to applying the product. Share this with a fellow makeup fan!