24 Makeup Infographics That Will Improve Your Makeup Skills by Like 700% | 22 Words

Today, more than ever, makeup is an art, a form of self-expression and a great source of creativity for so many people. But for some of us, I'm referring to myself, it can be a little overwhelming.

When I scroll through Instagram and see people using 20 different brushes and painting a Monet masterpiece on their face, I instantly think, I could never do that!

For those of you that claim makeup guru, and for those that don't know the difference between blush and bronzer, these infographics will surely up your makeup skills and give you a new confidence boost.

Did you know makeup expires? I sure didn't. Sometimes it's best to start with what we can get rid of. Go ahead and dig through your makeup bag and throw out that old stuff that probably isn't working that great, nor is it good for your skin. Old makeup should be thrown out to make way for fresh and new products. Consider it spring cleaning!

Every face is unique, not just our features, but the shape itself. These are just a few basic shapes that will give you a better clue as to which one your face might look the most like. Knowing the shape of your face will assist with the application process and will help you enhance your best features.

Ladies and gentlemen, get to know your brushes! Using the correct brush for your eyes will give you your desired look and make the process of applying eyeshadow much easier.

Concealer is the liquid angel for your face. There are multiple types of concealer that can be used for different reasons. Under the eyes is probably one of the most popular places to put your concealer to hide bags or dark shadows. Using the right shade and applying it in the right places will give you that, I-slept-peacefully-for-eight-hours kind of look even though you might be on your fourth cup of coffee to cover up your late night Netflix binge. Conceal, don't feel.

I never understood the importance of layering your makeup in a specific way but man, oh man, does it make a difference. Once you get used to the order, it'll be a breeze and you won't even have to think twice about what goes next.

Yes, there is a difference between soft pink and rich pink. So many pinks, so many shades, so many options. Understanding your skin tone is the first step to buying the right shade of blush for your face. The right color blush can really brighten your skin and make it look natural, and not like a clown.
Now that you know the shape of your face and what color blush to use, refer to this simple little picture for help on where to apply your blush. Each face shape has different cheek bones, so highlighting what you already have with some blush is going to really make you glow.

Choosing eyeshadow colors to blend can be intimidating, but there are some combinations that are foolproof and will always blend well together. If you're in a rush and just need a splash of color, using these combinations will go over smoothly and give you a beautiful outcome.

Proof that celebrities also wear a ton of makeup to look red carpet ready. This is a great reference to see how different shaped faces wear different kinds of make up. The curves within our faces can be used to create unique looks and shapes. Embrace your shape!

Learning how to shape your eyebrows can be tricky, especially if you want them to look natural. The main thing is to highlight what is already there and draw on your natural shape. It may take some practice to get those "perfect brows" so hopefully these tips will make that process go a little smoother.

Lipstick can be a source of frustration for me because I feel like it always wears off in just a few hours. There are lots of little things you can do to help your lipstick stay for longer and stay vibrant all day, and you don't even need to buy a Kylie Lip Kit.

Here's a simple way of knowing how to apply your eyeshadow to get that Instagram makeup guru look. It also helps to know the shape of your eyelid!

Colors, colors and more colors. Using the right palette of colors that correlate with your eye color can make such a difference. You can really highlight your eye color by simply using colors that compliment it.

Cleaning your makeup tools is so important! It can help clear your skin up a lot and it keeps a lot of unnecessary dirt and germs off of your face. They should be cleaned more often than you think and trust me, your skin will thank you for sure.

Falsies can be intimidating, so much so that you may try and go your whole life avoiding using them, or is that just me? No need to fear, infographics are here to help. False eyelashes can be the extra oomph that you were always looking for, and if you get the right ones and apply them correctly, they won't even look fake. It takes some time to get used to, so don't give up after the first try.

Sponges are no longer just for dishes, but for baking, your face that is. There are a lot of options and it can sometimes be confusing. Sponges are great tools for applying and setting your makeup. I suggest trying out the beauty blenders; it really changes how smoothly your makeup goes on and stays on.

Speaking of beauty blenders, here's some wonderful tips to get you used to using these fun little guys! Beauty blenders are definitely getting more popular, and for good reason. I know it looks like a weird, squishy egg, but it is one of the best beauty tools you can use.

Eyeliner is more than just a line; it's like making different brush strokes on a beautiful masterpiece aka, your face. There are some really great options for eyeliner that can really change the way your eyes look. Sometimes just a quick swipe of eyeliner can make the world of a difference.

We all know the importance of a good skin care routine. Your day and night routines should look a little different. Don't overlook sunscreen! It is easily the most important product you will ever apply to your skin.

Primer is one powerful son of a gun. It's clear to see that using primer is very important, so take its powers seriously. Prime before you paint, simple as that.

More brushes for the many beautiful parts of your face. The two brushes I own just aren't cutting it anymore and after seeing this, I am definitely more prepared to get the ones I need and stop using my blush brush to apply my eyeshadow. Baby steps, people!

No longer do you have to throw away your mascara just because it's too clumpy. A few drops of visine and voila! Your mascara is smooth as new.

This one is crazy helpful in understanding all the different kinds of powders and foundations you can use. Whether you're applying a light BB cream and some powder or liquid foundation and some setting powder, it's good to know that you have lots of options!

Whoever made this graphic, I want to hug you. I never understood all those weird, hieroglyphic symbols on my makeup products and thought I never would. Now, I can confidently translate for my friends.

For all you visual learners, I hope this was a stimulating experience and you feel like your own professional makeup artist in a way. Go ahead and share these fun images with your best friend who owns more makeup than shoes or to your friend who still might be using her Barbie makeup kit and could use some new and easy ideas.