People Are Doing Their Makeup to Look Like Bratz Dolls, and It's Honestly Impressive | 22 Words

There have been so many different makeup trends over the past few years that it's honestly kind of hard to keep them all straight. Remember squiggle brows? And braid brows? And NOSE HAIR EXTENSIONS?

Makeup trends have been around forever — we all remember the body glitter of the early 2000s and the blue eyeshadow of the '80s — but it can definitely be fun to participate in new ones when they come around (unless we're talking about nose hair extensions which should never have happened in a million years). It's also fun to see other people's takes on the trends! That's something that is super nice about social media. A trend can start in the blink of an eye and next thing you know, there are thousands of images online for your enjoyment!

Recently, the #bratzchallenge has taken social media by storm and it's actually pretty flipping amazing. Way better than nose hair extensions, anyway.

We all remember Bratz dolls, right?

These little fashionists first came on the scene in 2001 but are still present in stores today. In fact, they even had their own TV show for a while. Honestly, I don't know too much about them because — due to their name — I was not allowed to play with them. But one thing I do know.

The Bratz dolls have their makeup game on lock.

I mean...look at that. Is it normal to be jealous of a doll's makeup? 'Cause I am jealous of that doll's makeup. And I guess I'm not the only one.

People have started recreating Bratz dolls' makeup looks in real life!

It's called the Bratz Challenge and it is kind of giving me life. It's also making me want to buy a whole bunch of makeup.

People do their best to recreate the dolls' looks so they look practically identical.

It's honestly kind of freaky. As well as super impressive, of course.

Look at the lip lining on this one!

So good. The eyeshadow is also *kisses fingertips*.

This makeup artist even got some barrettes to match the Bratz doll!

That's some real dedication to the trend if you ask me.

Obviously, props are sometimes a must.

This look is so dang fierce! I want a hat that has a chain!

Some people are taking things to the next level.

I honestly thought this was the inspiration image of an actual Bratz doll at first. I'm...kind of uncomfortable. But still totally impressed!

Check out these flaming lids!

Man. I bet Barbie wishes she could be a Bratz doll. I know I do.

Some of them are totally uncanny.

Creating the larger eye for this look obviously took some serious skill. I'd say it definitely paid off!

Look at this frosty queen!

That lip color! Guys. I am dying.

Make sure you swipe left to see the Bratz doll that inspired this look:

I mean COME ON. Her skin is glowing. I'd like to see a plastic doll do that. (No, really. Do we have that technology yet?)

Here's another case of props being key:

Also? What a cool look. If I could look like this every day, I would look like this every day.

Do you like pink?

I do! Now I like it even more.

How about purple?

Yes! Why has it taken so many years for this makeup challenge to happen? We could have all been looking this fierce 18 dang years ago!

Hair game strong:

Yeah, I'm gonna need a link to that highlighter ASAP.

There's only one word for this: YASSSSSSS.

We already knew that gray hair was a huge trend. This. Is. Everything.

OK, here's another freaky one:

I'm not saying I'm not impressed. But I am saying that I am disturbed.

This makeup artist even got the freckles perfect:

Are heart-shaped freckles a thing in real life? No. But that doesn't matter when it comes to the Bratz challenge.

I love the colors in this one!

I've never wished I could pull off lime green more.

I seriously cannot handle these.

Is it weird to look to a bunch of dolls for makeup inspiration? Maybe. But if that's weird, then I don't want to be normal.

How, though?

How do you get that many colors on your eyelid? Asking for a friend. And for me.

Look at this hair!

These pink braids are the best thing I've seen all day. Maybe all year. OK, yeah, definitely all year.

The hat is so perfect!

Honestly, I'd believe it if you told me that this makeup artist was the inspiration for the doll. Everything is just so perfect here.

The gemstones!

So pretty! So blingy! So perfect!


If you're gonna do the Bratz challenge,  you should really go all out. That means hair dye.


I am terrified and also entranced.

For real though, how is your skin this perfect?

Those eyeshadow colors are

This makeup artist even has the pose down pat!

Amazing. Just...incredible. I am honestly freaking out over these right now.

What's that? More pink braids!

Yes! Please! Bring me all the pink braids forever! So yeah. As you can see, the Bratz challenge is the best thing ever and I hope we never go back to not doing makeup like Bratz dolls. Share this with someone who loves makeup!