30 Male Celebrities Who Are Shorter Than You Think

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They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but can it also add a few inches in height?

Clever angles, props, and perspective on-screen might help those who are a bit “vertically challenged,” but these male celebrities didn’t let being comparatively short stop them from having huge careers. There are some massive celebrities who made this list, from blockbuster movie stars to working character actors to rock and roll superstars, and not one of them is over 5’10”!

Here are some of the shortest male celebrities around. Don’t hold their height against them — it’s brave every time they step out of the house not wearing platform shoes.

I almost feel like Kevin Hart’s whole career is predicated on being a short celebrity. If he were even a little taller, would it be as funny to see him standing next to The Rock?

The tough-guy act might cause some to think Mark Wahlberg isn’t one of the short celebrities on this list. However, Wahlberg is actually very short.
Classic short guy syndrome — Mark Wahlberg acts tough in all of his movies (and, allegedly, real-life encounters) to make up for the fact that he can’t get on all the rides at Disneyland.

And here’s an example of the reverse short guy syndrome — Aziz Ansari seems confident in himself, meaning he doesn’t let his height get him down. Mark Wahlberg should take lessons. Aziz Ansair might be a short celebrity but you won’t see that impacting his confidence at all.

Listen, there are no high requirements for being the Chosen One. When the Dark lord marks you as a baby, granting you a power even he knows not, it’s not like the entire Wizarding World isn’t going to get behind you because you’re under 5’10”. Its okay to be one of the many short celebrities if you’re Harry Potter.

If Jack Black were just a few inches taller, he probably would be a heavy metal superstar (you’ve gotta be tall for people to think you can rock). Instead, he’s a comedy superstar. I honestly have no idea if that’s an upgrade or a downgrade. Jack Black’s blend of humor and personality has made him one of the funniest short celebrities.

You might be surprised to find Seth Green is one of the shorter celebrities in Hollywood. Something about Seth Green always made me think he was incredibly tall. Like, is it his lanky frame?
It seems like he should be towering over me. If he’s both wiry and short, I worry he might just blow away in a windstorm.

Jon Stewart has never shied away from admitting he’s a short celebrity. During his years on The Daily Show, we heard Jon Stewart make tons of jokes at his own expense vis a vis his diminutive stature, and it was funny every single time.

Do you think Ed Sheeran thinks his height is “perfect tonight”?

Now, here’s a celebrity whose career would be 1000 percent different if he were taller. For one, he wouldn’t have comically matched up so well with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins, and would you honestly buy a tall Penguin?
Danny DeVito has built a career on being a great actor and a short celebrity.

Gosh, Lil’ Wayne is that short? I mean, it’s not like I ever pictured him as tall per se, but I also can’t imagine him ducking down and hiding in a crowd (maybe because the tattoos make him stand out?).

See, to me, 5’8″ feels too tall for Ben Stiller. Between Zoolander and Chas Tennenbaum, Ben Stiller tends to play characters with a lot of short guy energy.

This makes me think that auditioning for American Idol has a height limit of 5’7″, so as to not show up the host. Maybe that’s why I never made it on the show? (Ehh, it was probably the lack of singing talent, as the judges consistently told me year after year.)

Who knew the man who played Rocky and Rambo also happened to be a short celebrity? How did my man punch out both Apollo Creed and Clubber Lange and Hulk Hogan when he had to look up at them?

Now, I haven’t listened to a ton of the Jonas Brothers’ stuff, but I will say this about Joe Jonas — he is not that tall.

Doesn’t this just make all the sense in the world? Without something they’re super insecure about — like, say, their height, for example — no one becomes as egotistical as Kanye West.

American Idol had two short celebrities as part of the main cast for years, including Simon Cowell. I bet Simon Cowell’s height was the real reason he left American Idol.
If he was purposely hunching during the seasons when he was a judge, I bet sensitive lil’ Ryan Seacrest could handle it. Then one day, he accidentally stands up straight, and BOOM. Guy’s gotta go.

You can see why they’d cast him as a hobbit, right? Turns out they didn’t even need any CGI work to make it look like Gandalf was towering over him.

Whoa, Iron Man isn’t even 6 feet tall? You just know that the second Tony Stark got back from Afghanistan and went to work on the mk.2 Iron Man suit, he put in some high-rise heels.

How lucky do you think Fox felt after they’d cast Frankie Muniz to play a middle schooler? The guy was going to stay short enough to play Malcolm his entire life.

Do you think he stays sitting at his piano so long not just because he knows we’re all in the mood for a melody, but because he is afraid to stand up and reveal he’s a short celebrity to the world?

Ah, here we have another example of anti-short celebrity syndrome. Prince didn’t give one good god damn what anyone thought. Hell, he probably hunched over, just daring someone to call him out on his height.

It seems crazy to think it was so long ago that Michael J. Fox played a high schooler in Family Ties (and then again in Back to the Future), but you’ve got to think his height helped him seem younger than he was.

Ever since she and Marc Anthony got married, poor Jennifer Lopez has had to wear flats. We can only imagine how many short celebrities face this problem.

Oh, is Dustin Hoffman a short celebirty? I wouldn’t have guessed that. Although, he doesn’t seem like a tall man either. I can pretty much picture him at any height. Wow… he really is a consummate professional — a good actor never lets his physical traits influence the way the audience thinks about the role.

I just re-listened to “U Remind Me,” and let me tell you, Usher has the confidence of a man who is at least 5’10.” No short celebrities could sing this song quite like Usher.

Woody Allen is very short. He is also a rotten person. Those things are not correlated, but they are both facts. I’m just here to state the facts.

The Lawrence family is full of short celebrities. Poor Andrew Lawrence. Imagine growing up with a bunch of 5’8″ guys who are able to call you short.

Tom Cruise has turned making an actor look taller than he is into a cottage industry. There is absolutely a guy who is putting his daughters through college by making wooden apple crates for him to stand on just out of frame.

Weird, he seemed so tall in High School Musical!

Now that he’s re-entered the public consciousness with The Irishman, we are once again forced to confront the fact that Joe Pesci is a very, very short celebrity.

The ultimate musical theater actor, Nathan Lane has an incredibly big personality. I wonder if over-compensating for his height had anything to do with that? I’d put my money on no. Not every short guy ends up on Broadway.

The Big Bang Theory ​had a cast full of short celebrities. Gosh, did the cameras on The Big Bang Theory have a slight up-tilt whenever they were filming Johnny Galecki? At least we can say with confidence that Shelton was tall, right?

The Jonas family is full of short celebrities. Okay, I just listened to some Jonas Brothers, and I’ll say this about them — Nick Jonas is not a tall man.

What’s so impressive about Pete Wentz’s 5’6″ stature is that when he does that pop punk jump — you know, what they do when it’s time to hit a big chord right as a chorus kicks in? — he gets really high!

Oh would you look at that. I didn’t know George Lucas was so short! At least he can add a little height by walking on stacks and stacks of that Star Wars money.

Did you know that, when he was filming The Mighty Ducks, Emilio Estevez had to wear a special hat so the director could tell him apart from the children? Special hates on movie sets, a classic issue for short celebrities. 

Here’s what’s so crazy about finding out about Zack Galifinakis being so short — he a lot of times has the frenzied comedic energy of a man two times his height.

Is Emile Hirsch short? Yes. Is he shorter than a lot of his peers in Hollywood? Also yes. Has that held him back in his career at all? Honestly, probably.

Now, if the same is true of Al Pacino — if he too has been held down because of his height — there’s a strong chance that a 6’0″ Al Pacino would be in literally every movie made from 1979 until 2013.

Remember a few entries back when we asked if you could imagine a short Penguin, and you answered “of course not. Short celebrities can’t play the penguin”?
Well, Jonah Hill was being considered for the Penguin in the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman picture. this at least shows that the guy knows how to pick his disgusting, fish-eating Gotham mob bosses!

I’m going to tell you a story; a story I assume is true but actually probably isn’t true at all. A young David Spade is at a party, being once again overlooked because of his height. He makes one acidic comment about a jock, everyone at the party notices him, and he develops that wit into the comedic persona we see every time he’s on TV.

Although he’s also appeared in movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Varsity Blues, the only thing you really need to know about Scott Caan for this article is that he was on Entourage. Entourage’s entire cast was full of short celebrities.

Short celebrities are needed to play hobbits and no one was more perfect than Martin Freeman. Martin Freeman assuredly grew up being told he looks like (or at least was the height of) a hobbit, so how easy must it have been for him to slip into the role?

Wait, is this another star of the Big Bang Theory who is also a short little guy? Maybe that tall drink of water Shelton only seems tall by comparison?

The Community and Hangover star used to be a doctor before he got into acting. You know what else he was before he got into acting? Short.

With all the venom of a short little Bagel Boss guy coursing through his veins, Jackie Earle Haley has turned on his short guy anger to play monstrous characters like Rorschach and Freddy Kreuger.

A character actor appearing in movies like Infamous, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Toby Jones is most famous (to me, at least) for providing the voice of another short lil’ guy — Dobby the House Elf in the Harry Potter series.

To think, one of our most prolific directors and famous short celebrities is only 5’3″ tall. Do you think that’s why they give directors those super high seats with their names on the back? So they can see over the camera?

For a short little guy, Jet Li can sure kick some ass. I’ll be honest, I would’ve said I could beat up any dude 5’10” and under before I knew Bruce Lee’s height.

Man, remember Road Trip? Breckin Meyer starred in Road Trip, alongside a man who I would guess is no less than double his height, Tom Green. Breckin Meyer just happens to be friends with another famous short celebrity, Seth Green.

SPOILER ALERT FOR HUNGER GAMES IF YOU FOR SOME REASON HAVEN’T SEEN HUNGER GAMES: Katniss chooses to be with short little Peeta over the super hunky and presumably tall Gale. Score one for the little guy.

While he’s the star of Sneaky Pete, Avatar, and Saving Private Ryan, I will always know him as Kevin Arnold’s friend from The Wonder Years.

Not only has BD Wong appeared in Jurassic World and Law and Order: SVU, but he also played Hugo Strange on Gotham — another Batman villain with super short guy energy. Does Batman have any tall villains?

After having played Professor X, I think James McAvoy could use his mind powers to make everyone think he’s 5’10”.

Yes. Yes this makes sense. Jason Alexander must absolutely be 5’5″. That is the maximum — the maximum — height for a man to be considered to be George Costanza.

Is it any surprise that James Franco’s little brother is, himself, very little?

Because so much of The West Wing saw characters walking through the hallway next to the objectively tall CJ Craigg, it feels like all the actors were short (Martin Sheen especially though).

Between his role as Lex Luthor in Batman V. Superman and Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg sure seems to understand the psyche of guys who reallllllly feel like they have something to prove for some reason. Where do you think that could’ve come from?

Honestly, if you had asked me how tall Rob Schneider was, I would’ve guessed 5’3″ exactly. Maybe thinking of him as the annoying “Makin’ Copies” guy makes it seem like he’s little enough to sneak up behind you wherever you are and annoy you.

Aww, look at the little “Uptown Funk” singer! He could almost fit in your right front pocket, singing “uptown funk gon’ give it to ya” so quietly that only you can hear him.