Male teachers in Spain are taking on gender stereotypes by wearing skirts to school...

It comes after a student was expelled for wearing one.


And it's sparked a conversation online...

Now, gender stereotypes have always been harmful.

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The restrictive gender rules set by society have caused damage in modern society, especially to those who have ventured outside of them.

At first, those activists were shunned.

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And now, very slowly, things are starting to change.

But there's one place this change is happening much slower than the rest.

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In clothing.

While we hear a lot of stories about the breaking of gender stereotypes in other areas...

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Younger people, in particular, are often very restricted in this category.

But teachers in Spain are set to make a change.


Many male teachers have decided to wear a skirt to school as part of the "Clothes Have No Gender" movement after a boy was expelled for wearing a skirt.

And it's caused quite the divide in opinion online.


With some people praising the teachers...

While others are less encouraging...


"Clothes Have No Gender" or "laropanotienegenero" movement began last year after a boy was expelled for wearing a skirt to school.


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Teachers across the country joined in by ditching their trousers and wearing skirts to school.

Mikel Gómez wore a skirt to school after he was told to go and see a psychologist by his teacher.


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Gómez then shared a TikTok video of the experience, which quickly went viral, encouraging others to try to tackle gender norms and go to school in skirts.

Manuel Ortega and Borja Velazquez are 2 of the latest teachers to partake after noticing one of their students getting picked on in school.


The pair wanted to show support for the pupil after he was picked on for wearing an anime t-shirt, the Metro reports.

The bullying resulted in him changing his outfit after he was called homophobic slurs.


Horrified by this, at the beginning of May, Ortega decided to start wearing a skirt before being joined by his colleague, Velazquez.

The teachers told El Pais their decision to wear skirts was to "increase tolerance and respect" while inviting other teachers to do the same.


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