Man Has 2 Wives, 3 Fiancées, 15 Girlfriends and None of Them Knew Anything About Each Other

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A Texas man has taken the internet by a storm this week after it was discovered that he has 2 wives, 3 fiancées, and around fifteen girlfriends… all of which knew nothing of each other.

Now, this is most definitely the scandal of the year!

We all know that monogamy isn’t for everyone…​

And that some people need more than 1 special person in their lives in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied.

Although it seems a little bizarre to many of us…

There are actually so many people out there who have numerous romantic partners… who are all totally fine with it.

This is best known as “polyamory”…

And it works for so many successful couples… or “throuples”, as they like to be known as.

But the thing about polyamory is that consent and communication is key…

And sadly, there are certain individuals out there who enjoy to go behind their partner’s unwilling back to secretly pursue numerous relationships.
It’s so weird, but it happens.

And this brings us to the mind-blowing story of Jason Collier, who has been dominating the internet as of late.

Jason is the police chief of the Stinnett, Texas Police Department and his outrageous story has caused an internet minefield this week because his now ex-girlfriend, Cecily Steinmetz, has publically accused him of living a double/triple life.
Fasten your seatbelts, guys…

So, it all started when Jason was busted by his ex-girlfriend, Cecily.

She wrote on Facebook:
“Chief Jason Collier is living a double/triple life. I was his girlfriend until yesterday. He lied to me and presented me with fake annual documents when I found out he was married. I also found out about a 2nd girlfriend, Kristi, last night. He has lied to us, our children, and asked us both to marry him. He is a poor representative of your town. He would also visit me in Amarillo when he was on shift. We just returned from vacation in Taos on Sunday – meanwhile, his other GF was told he was on a work assignment in Portland, OR.”

At that moment in time, it was believed that Jason was simply 2-timing both women…

But then, it emerged that he was actually married… with children.

And after the story started spreading online, more and more women started coming forward claiming to be the girlfriends of Jason…

And at the time of writing, around fifteen women have claimed to be his girlfriend, according to social media.

Collier has fallen completely from the radar since the drama started…

But thanks to modern-day technology, screenshots were taken from his social media accounts showing him with one of his unsuspecting wives.

He is yet to speak out about his new online fame…

But it seems that the Stinnett Police Department decided to take action immediately by placing Collier on leave indefinitely while they investigate what has gone on.

This story is definitely a developing one…

And we’ll keep you posted whenever there’s a new, and much more shocking, update on the life of Jason Collier.