A video has gone viral of a man who was caught taking creepy pictures of women at the airport, and the internet has a lot to say about it...

There are many frustrating things in life, but there's one thing that's pretty high up on the list...

And that's unwanted attention.

Things like wolf-whistling, for instance...

Or catcalling.

Just stop.

It's creepy, let's be honest.

But, you know what else is pretty creepy?

Getting weird and unwarranted photographs taken of you.

Well, one woman sadly knows this feeling all too well.

An exchange in an airport soon got pretty uncomfortable.

A woman was walking through the airport.

And, at first, nothing seemed too out of the ordinary.

But this is where it starts to get strange...

A man was spotted taking pictures of these women he didn't know...

So, what exactly was said?

Well, buckle up...

The woman approached the man.

"Are you taking photos of us? We were just told you were taking photos of us."

He denied it, put his phone in his pocket, and tried to get away.

But the woman didn't give up, saying "Can we just see your camera roll real quick? If you weren't taking photos of us why can't we see your camera roll?"

"Sir, it's really weird to take pictures of females in public without their permission, so you should never do that again. Imagine if we were your daughter or someone related to you?"

"It's not okay just delete them...I want to see you delete them in front of me."

The man then sheepishly shows the 4 images he'd taken.

And quickly runs away.

The woman shared her video on TikTok.

"I know some people won't understand why we are so upset/mad but this happens WAY too often and it's violating and creepy."

Here's the creepy video...


I know some people won’t understand why we are so upset/mad but this happens WAY too often and it’s violating and creepy.

Scary stuff.