Man Asks Woman for $35 Refund After She Turns Him Down | 22 Words

A woman has gone viral this week after she shared screenshots of a series of text messages received from her rather scorned date...

Because the man, known only as CK, had the audacity to ask her for a refund after she turned him down.


There's being insulted, and then there's being that insulted.

Here's the full story...

Now, dating will never be a smooth ride.


The world of romance always brings with it major bumps in the road.

Admittedly, some couples meet, hit it off straight away...


And spend the rest of their lives together.

But for most of us, it isn't that simple.


​Finding "the one" often involves going on many dates with many people who, no matter how hard you try, just aren't compatible with you.

However, some scorned dates take the inevitable rejection a little worse than others...


And, instead of going home and crying into a tub of ice cream, they instead take it out on their retrospective date with some truly bizarre requests.

Something that this woman knows about all too well.

​Alex, from Milwaukee in Wisconsin, was a little taken back by the response she received when she declined to meet up again with a man she'd matched with on a dating app.

Taking to Twitter last week, Alex shared a screengrab of the text message she'd received from the unidentified man...

And it was quick to go viral.

People couldn't believe what they were seeing...

The insulted man wrote this in his lengthy text message:


"Hi Alex, hope you're doing well. Would you mind letting me know what your Venmo is? The reason I ask is since you and I won't be seeing each other anymore, it's only fair to ask for equal payment from you for the dates we went on."

He then went on to break down the cost of their dates...


And ask for her half.

"I believe it was 3 separate times we went out bars/restaurants where I paid for us both each time. I'd say $35 is more than fair for your food and drinks that I got during those dates. I view you as a fair girl, I hope you'll consider reimbursing me. Thanks!"

You can see the incriminating text messages below.

It is currently unknown how exactly Alex replied, but she made her feelings on his request pretty clear in her follow up post.

Sharing an animated gif of the character, Boo, from the 2001 Pixar movie Monsters Inc, she wrote:

"How I'm going to sleep tonight knowing I still have that $35."

Let's just assume she blocked him and never thought about him again!