Man Asks Woman to Pay Him Back for Drinks He Bought Because They Didn't Go Home Together | 22 Words

We've all had dates go awry, but, fortunately, in this modern world of online dating, a simple swipe left will make it all go away.

Ghosting gets a bit of a bad rap, but once you hear what happened to one unsuspecting dater, I think you'll agree that, sometimes, erasing a bad date from your phone, and your life, is the smartest thing to do.

Student paramedic, Chlo Matthews, went on a night out in the city of Hull, UK, where she attended university. While out and about, celebrating the end of her exams with her friends, Chlo met a boy.

We all know that, in the madness of a night out, it can be hard the next day to keep track of who you spoke to. Any typical student's phone is laced with unfamiliar saved contacts with vague, and often hilariously specific, descriptions. Saved contacts such as "Carl Builder," "Simon Lookslikegarfunkel," and "Emily WingAttack" are classic examples of a student night out...

When Chlo Matthews checked her phone the morning after the night before, she had received a text message.


The text in question was from a boy saved in her contacts as "Danny from Atik". Anyone familiar with Hull will know that Atik is a popular nightclub in the center of town, so it's safe to presume that Chlo met "Danny from Atik" at the late-night hotspot.

The guy that Chlo met on the night at Atik wasn't texting to ask her out, though.


Who says that chivalry is dead? Perhaps we'll all give up on illusions of bagging a chivalrous, romantic partner after reading what Danny from Atik messaged Chlo...

Clearly, Danny from Atik had woken up with regrets.

Who knows how big of a hit Danny's bank account took on the night in question... But the reason that he wanted his money back was so gross.

Worth a shot eh?


I mean, what was Danny from Atik thinking? Chlo was shocked at the gall of Danny's request. I mean, who tries to get a girl to transfer cash for the drinks he had supposedly bought her on the night out?! Wait until you hear what the internet said about it all...

"Wasn't really worth my time was it lol x"


The worst part of Danny from Atik's message is his assertion that, by purchasing drinks for Chlo, he expected some sort of sexual favor in return.

"I paid for the Uber last night- does that mean my housemate owes me a back rub?"


In 2019, it's pretty disappointing to see that there are still guys who feel "owed" something if they buy you a drink. I mean, we're talking post-Me Too Movement, after all. I'm not saying that Danny from Atik is the next Harvey Weinstein, but he clearly shares an inability to have healthy relations with the opposite sex.

"Make that a double, double, double, thanks!"


If Danny from Atik's identity became known, I'm sure he'd have to change his tactic towards the ladies... Any girl going near Danny now will need a hell of a lot of drinks to forget about this misdemeanor.

Chlo shared the text message exchange on her Twitter page and the post went viral.


Evidently, Chlo wasn't the only one to think that Danny's behavior was notย a-okay. Thousands of Twitter-users have since been in touch with the student paramedic and have responded to the thread.

Some Twitter-users kept their responses clear and simple...

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Some debated what Chlo should respond to Danny.

Some suggestions were, admittedly, a bit out there...

People's creative ideas kept on pouring...

With very few Twitter-users appearing to side with Danny from Atik.

This guy's idea was genius...

Try explaining that to your mom, Danny from Atik.

That'd show him!

But this is technically illegal and would mean that Chlo would be committing fraud...

Thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow, O'Cleary!

Twitter really is an informative place.

One Twitter-user made this smart suggestion...

A marvel way to send passive-aggressive memos, right?

"Hey ex that's blocked me on all social media platforms..."


'"... well hello there!" let me just slide into your ATM...

I mean, maybe it's not advice that we should really take...

In fact, one guy tried and tested this method and has since realized the flaw in using bank transfer as a means of communication.

But what did Chlo do? Did she send Danny from Atik the money?

Thankfully, Chlo wasn't about to play ball.

For those that don't know what "skint" means...


"Skint" is a British slang term, meaning "there ain't no money in the trunk," "no mullah in the piggy bank," 'no funds to be drawn," "broke," "cleaned out," "financially unavailable" etc, etc.

Twitter-users were happy to explain the British slang on the thread...

Cheers for that, Jerod!

Skint or not, Chlo doesn't owe that boy a dime.


Personally, I don't even think it's necessarily a gender issue. If I bought a round of drinks on a night-out for anyone - boys or girls - and then called round the next day to be re-reimbursed, I'd come across as a right schmuck.

I'd probably have a lot more money at the end of the month...


But that's not anyone else's problem. Why not try disabling contactless on your card next time, Danny from Atik...

We all enjoy feeling like a big baller every now and again..


But, trust me, Danny from Atik, living off Fruit Loops for the rest of the month is never as fun as it sounds. And you just can'tย ask pretty girls who don't sleep with you for the money back.

Chlo's post opened up an interesting discussion on the etiquette of courting.

With both the younger and older generations pitching in with their personal standpoints... @ToffeeSte83 considered Danny's attitude to be a modern one, not shared by older guys like himself.

And ToffeeSte83 wasn't the only older guy to be unimpressed by Danny's behavior.

This user hoped that his son wasn't treating woman like Danny from Atik did.

I'm sure Worried Twitter Dad's son is much nicer to girls than Danny from Atik...

But who's to say that Danny from Atik wasn't Worried Twitter Teacher's ex-student? It is a small world, after all...

Whoever Danny from Atik is, many Twitter-users were left asking what happened next.

Chlo hinted on the thread that the messages from Danny got worse.

Twitter cried out for more goss.

Everyone wanted to see Danny try to dig himself out of the situation.

Drinks on me!

One Twitter-user even offered to buy Chlo drinks, if she revealed what happened next.

Sadly, it seems that Chlo didn't want to embarrass Danny from Atik any further.

I guess, sometimes, being the bigger person is the best thing to do. Chlo even decided to put her temporary fame to good use and encouraged her new Twitter followers to sign a petition, which supports getting the UK government to give more funding to student paramedics. Chlo is a real catch. Sorry, Danny from Atik but I think you might have blown it. x