Man Baffled After Coming Under Fire for Arriving on Time on First Day at New Job

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A man has been left baffled after he came under fire for arriving on time to his new job.

When it’s your first day on a job you want to make a good first impression, right?

After all, first impressions last!

So, you’ll do things such as be prepared and organized.

And importantly, arrive on time…

Well, apparently not as one man has come under fire after he arrived on time to his job.

And it’s caused quite a stir online…

The man took to Reddit to explain the bizarre situation that saw him criticized for arriving on time for his first day at his new job, the Mirror reports.

The man explained that he had just started a new job working as a security guard were he was contracted to begin working at 10am.

He arrived to work on time at 10am and was working just minutes later, however his manager believed this was unacceptable.

The anonymous man began by explaining that while on his lunch break, he was approached by the manager of the store who came to ask “if next time I could come a little bit earlier.”

The manager asked the man to arrive earlier so that “by the time I put all my belongings down I can be in front of the store at 10am.”

But the man refused as he said that “if I’m rostered to start at 10am then I will show up at 10am and that if they want me to come earlier then the store would have to arrange that with the security company.”

He argued that if he’s not “paid to come earlier” he doesn’t “see why I’m required to.”

But, as you can imagine, his response didn’t go down well with the manager as he claimed: “She got huffy with me and said that the sales staff aren’t trained to be security, and with the popularity of the store every morning there will be people lining up waiting to go inside and that I needed to be here earlier because of that.”

She told the man that “it really wasn’t hard to come a few minutes earlier and that it wasn’t fair to come ‘just on time.'”

However, the man argued that he knows “it’s not hard to come a little earlier, but I feel it’s more about the principle.”

“If you want someone to come earlier then make that clear through the hours,” he wrote.

“I told her such and she just sighed and walked away. We didn’t talk for the rest of the day,” he added.

What do you think? Do you think he was right to refuse to arrive earlier?