Clip-on Man Buns Are the New Hot Trend and It’s Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

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Who needs real hair when you can just buy a clip-on?

Man buns have been a trend for a while now and for the most part, they’ve been a pretty good hit…

But recently, it has been brought to our attention that rather than growing them out themselves, some men are resorting to clip-on man buns… Yikes.

To be honest, the more I think about it, the more I realize it’s the equivalent of having extensions just rolled up into a ball on your head, but there’s just something a little off-putting about the execution.

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Rated at a stable 3.1 on Amazon, these man buns are hollow and secured via comb clips inside of the product. Then you can just tighten them to your head as you please to make sure it’s secure.
However, let me issue a little warning because I’ve worn clip-ons before (not a man bun, but an actual clip) and on thick hair, it’s just not possible for it to remain secure. One gust of wind or a sharp movement and it’s off and before you know it, your Tinder date is seeing you for what you really are: A fake wearing a fake.

Do you really want to live that kind of life?

via Amazon

So maybe I’m being a little dramatic because some of the reviews are actually pretty good.
“The Man Bun was a hit. My husband wishes it were a bit longer. But it met our needs,” wrote one verified buyer.
“I like it,” wrote another. “My hair might be too short to attach, I’ll find out Friday night.”

However, most of the reviews were slamming the “unrealistic” vibes the product gives off.

“I bought as a joke but it’s also hard to actually stick in the hair if you wanna use it. Also looks super fake,” read a review that gave the product a disappointing 2 stars.
Most of the others were at 1, with people writing that it was a “waste of money.”

But hey, maybe it’ll work for you if that’s what you’re into!

Or you could just try growing your hair out for yourselves.
Each to their own, I suppose. You can buy your very own man bun here on Amazon for just $9.99.