Man Catches Cop on Camera Allegedly Planting Drugs in his Car

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A black man recorded a video during what seems to be a routine traffic stop, allegedly showing a cop throwing a white plastic bag in his car…

The man who goes by the name GlockBoy Savoo on Facebook posted a video of the search that’s now going viral on social media. It shows what appears to be a traffic stop underway but the clip shows the cop doing something pretty dodgy.

The police officer from Wisconsin has since been identified as belonging to Caledonia PD. In the short video, he can be seen approaching the car and quickly throwing something onto the back seat. Savoo sees this and immediately questions what it was, the cop seems to be confused by his question.

Savoo then points the camera to the back seat for a close-up shot of what it is. What he finds is a small bag, indicative of drugs. The quick sixteen-second clip doesn’t show the aftermath of the situation, but it’s enough to raise a few eyebrows.

Savoo has since accused the officer of what sounds like planting drugs on him in order to search the rest of the vehicle. On Facebook, he wrote: “First time ever seeing a cop try to throw sum on me just to get a reason to search the car? he ain’t even know I was recording ? you can tell he was nervous ?.”

And people can’t believe what they’re seeing in the video…

One user wrote: “The cop needed a justified reason to conduct a search on the vehicle .. planting drug paraphernalia in plain sight would give him the right to search this person car… this is common knowledge in the African American community.. we’ve been dealing with this BS for years.”

While another wrote: “They should really reevaluate all his drug bust cases because this doesn’t look like his first time. Look how nonchalant and sure he’s not in the wrong. Hes’ definitely done it before.”

“Usually an Officer won’t put gloves on unless he plans on searching the vehicle. So maybe this was found thrown on the ground near the car? Who knows, maybe the Officer planted it. The problem is we don’t have a full video so it’s kinda hard to tell. They did say a full video will be released. So I guess we shall see. If he did plant it, he should be charged and fired.” A third wrote.

The Chief of Police of Caledonia PD, Christopher Botsch has come out with a statement that was shared by TMZ. He said: “Please keep in mind that the cell phone video that is circulating depicts only a small portion of the entire encounter; whereas, all available video may provide more context.” He added: “The Caledonia Police Department believes strongly in transparency; therefore, all body-worn camera video will be made available within the coming days.”