Man Causes Uproar With Tinder Bio Saying Women Must Be At Least ‘8.5/10’ to Date Him

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A man got a little bit more attention than he originally anticipated after putting himself on Tinder announcing that he had “sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world” so he “kinda needs something nice” to keep his attention.

A screengrab of his tinder profile went viral on Reddit for its rude demands for prospective matches, with their looks being “their most important asset.”

“I see average and ugly women every day, everywhere I go. Why would I want to associate with more of them on dating sites??? Please be an 8.5 or better!! I’ve had sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world, so I kinda need something nice to keep my attention!! In closing, looks are by FAR a woman’s most important asset, and any woman that doesn’t get that is an idiot! here’s the math ugly woman=weak man, got it!” his caption read alongside a topless muscle-clas selfie.

People on the Reddit thread took to the comments to ridicule the man who clearly gets his kicks in degrading women.

While people debated whether he’s stuffed socks or a banana down his underwear, some paid attention to the fact he’s verified on Tinder…

But one person pointed out: “Um, he shopped it. Do you see the indent in his ass??? Hahaha!”

One person said: “Honestly, I don’t even think he’s cute. His face is very forgettable.”

While another humorously said: “Elbows too pointy,” (maybe another obvious hint that his picture is photoshopped).

The forty-one-year-old man set his job description to “telling other men what to do,” with his passions including politics, activism, language exchange, and the outdoors. Yes, that’s right, according to his profile, he’s an activist…

Some even questioned whether or not he really existed, insisting it has to be a troll account. But others drew attention to his verification tick, exclaiming that if it was a ‘fake’ account, it probably wouldn’t be verified.

“Looks like a joke profile to me,” someone said.

“I thought the same but I saw he is verified. The only thing that made me believe this guy may actually exist.”

We might not be certain he’s real but either way, his expectations are a little harsh, right?