Man Creates ‘Watermelon Pizza’ and People Are Comparing It to Some of the Worst Things on Earth

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A man has recently caused chaos on the internet after he shared his recipe for “watermelon pizza,” and yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

I know what you’re thinking, someone’s probably just cut up a few chunks of watermelon and thrown it on as a pizza topping, right?

Wrong! It’s even worse than that.
Someone has literally used a watermelon as the pizza base and put cheese, pepperoni, and a whole bunch of other things on top of it.

Oliver Paterson, also known as @elburritomonster on TikTok, recently posted his creation on the platform and it immediately went viral.

The twenty-four-year-old British man cut a round slice from the middle of a big, ol’ watermelon and fried the top and bottom before topping it like it was a typical pizza. BBQ sauce, mozzarella, and chorizo were thrown on before it was put into the oven for a few minutes.

Speaking to Newsweek, he described the inspiration behind the pizza.

“I’ve made several videos using various things as a pizza base – such as recently making a hash brown base pizza. I’ve made BBQ-roasted watermelon before and it came out great, I saw someone make that on a TV show called Crazy Delicious judged by [British chef] Heston Blumenthal and they said it was good on the show, so I thought I would combine the two to make a BBQ-based pizza – don’t think it would work with tomato at all.”

He claimed his mom even enjoyed it!

“It didn’t actually taste too sweet – the BBQ sauce was sweeter than the watermelon but that was balanced out by the cheese and chorizo to make a pretty well-balanced snack! I made it again the next day just to eat it again – not even for a TikTok! I also made my mom try it – reluctantly – and she also really liked it, commenting how it satisfies pizza cravings while also being very light!”

“You’ve got to give this a go for yourselves,” he told his followers…

But a lot of them weren’t impressed and instead, slated him for his unusual food creation.
“Did we just witness a war crime,” one user commented.
Another added: “Why would you ruin food like that? Let watermelon be watermelon. Y’all be doing too much.”

I have to admit, I’m open to a lot of things, but this should be illegal. How does someone take one of life’s greatest pleasures and warp it into this mess?

I blame whoever decided putting pineapple on pizza was a good idea. 
Are you happy now, Sam Panopoulos?