Man Ditches His Date and Lets Her Pay the Bill After Seeing Her Instagram Post

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Dating is hard. It’s a ruthless game out there and you can’t expect to find your prince charming without kissing some frogs on the way. And before you start, no we are not just talking about men. You can find yourself sitting across from someone who has no real intention of dating you and is just stringing you along for the benefit of your wallet.

Well, one girl was recently caught out by her date after she made a silly – and very cocky – mistake during their outing.

She shared an Instagram story in the middle of their date, boasting about her hustling her way through her third date of the month.

“This sh*t too easy. Third sucker this month!!!” the post said showing her expensive-looking meal and her date’s meal on the table.

Unfortunately for her, however, her story was seen by all her followers, including some of her dates buddies who quickly informed him of the post.

A screengrab of an iMessage conversation between the date and his friend was posted on Instagram which showed his friend screenshotting the girl’s rude Instagram story and informing him of what was going on.

A video of him confronting her over the phone was also posted and he is heard yelling at her. We can’t see his face but we can tell he is super angry about the whole event.

“Listen it’s time you got hustled, don’t ever try to hustle man. Yo, You got the bill yeah?” he says angrily.

At first, she doesn’t believe him: “No! You really left me!

(We’ve watered down the words, but there are lots of expletives going on)

“Yeah, of course, I left you there!”

When she says she doesn’t have any money to pay for the bill he replies: “Listen, listen, where’s that £500 gone? Reality check – fix yourself up, man.”

It takes some real guts to play people off for your own benefit and this girl was about to eat up her third free meal of the month. And his friends are real ones for pointing it out to him! He won’t be taking anyone out for a while until he knows they’re not going to use him and dump him.